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Volcano's was founded on a love for coffee and a profound dedication to quality and freshness.
The finest coffee from around the world are grown in volcanic soil at high elevation among the shadows of the world's greatest volcanoes, where rich volcanic soil and the cool mists of low lying clouds host the world's rarest and most precious beans.


At Volcano's, everything is fresh. We have developed a streamlined formula for roasting coffees fresh in every store. An estimated 98% of coffee drinkers have never experienced truly fresh coffee in their lives. Most coffee loses over 60% of its aroma and flavor valus after only two weeks.
That's about to change. We have developed a new standard in quality and freshness that transcends all conventional wisdom as it pertains to coffee. And as a Volcano's franchise owner, you can be a part of this industry-changing phenomena.
Not only does Volcano's provide customers with a wide range of tastes, it provides three very strong additional revenue streams - enabling your store to stay busy during lunch, all afternoon and even at night!


The Volcano's experience goes beyond the freshest coffee in the world. Our management formula merges the creation of gelato made fresh in every store, the finest teas, exotic fruit smoothies made with 100% pure frozaen fruit, grilled panini (the talk of the town), and even real New York water bagels shipped right from the Bronx!
And you don't have to be a coffee drinker to enjoy Volcano's. People who may not drink coffee, but have a taste for delightful treats will enjoy the Volcano's experience. Whether it's a family enjoying a panini before an afternoon movie, kids savoring gelato after soccer practice or mom taking a break with a refreshing smoothie, there's something for everyone at Volcano's.

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