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Franchise Chain Feeds the Hungry in Texas

An Urban Bricks Pizza restaurant in Corpus Christi opened its doors and gave away more than 700 pizzas on Monday to residents affected by Hurricane Harvey. The franchise chain's founder, Sammy Aldeeb, is also a multi-unit franchisee for The Great American Cookie Co. and Subway.

Concerns about enough staff to carry out the project on Monday were soon alleviated:

“We actually had to turn people away,” Aldeeb says, adding that many employees even offered to work for free. “We had to go ahead and say, ‘No, sorry, we’re not taking any more volunteers. Frankly, we didn’t need to. We had more people wanting to help out than we could make room for.”

…Starting at 11 a.m. and going until the pantry went dry, Urban Bricks handed out free pizzas to anybody affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The team served more than 700 pies and delivered 200-plus to first responders. Deliveries were made by everybody from franchisees to local citizens, and extended as far as 30–40 minutes from the store. — Danny Klein, QSR

As soon as the waters subside enough for team members to reach the Houston pizzeria, they hope to open those doors to again offer free pizza, in even greater quantity, to residents affected by the storm. Aldeeb thinks Saturday might be that day.

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