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Franchise Conman's Weight Loss Spray

SensaSlim tells franchisees to help customers lose weight while they sleep
Lose weight while you sleep, advertises SensaSlim. Photo/SensaSlim webpage

Australia’s most colourful conman finally found his way to franchising. Jailed in Australia, fled Great Britain and jailed in the US.  He dubbed himself the ‘human headline’.

Peter Foster is a magnet for suckers but he has worked for the British and the Australian police as a snitch, did property deals with the wife of a British Prime Minister and took tea with Muhammad Ali’s wife.

His great gift, the Australian conman explained to would-be imitators, was the "reverse sell" - the art of underplaying your hand to intrigue potential buyers.

Now back in the spotlight again in Australia with a spray he claimed assisted in weight loss;

pETER fOSTERMore than 100 franchisees are believed to have paid $60,000 each to sell SensaSlim, which has sold for about $1200 a litre or $60 for a 50 millilitre bottle.  SMH

Last week, the Therapeutic Goods Administration's complaints resolution panel called for SensaSlim to be removed from the register of therapeutic goods, which means the spray cannot be advertised or sold.

In a tactical move to delay action against SensaSlim Foster had the audacity to bring an $800,000 defamation case against Melbourne academic Ken Harvey who first complained about SensaSlim claims. Harvey faces costs of $30,000.

On his release from jail in 2009 Foster had proclaimed no interest in money or business;

Who would want to do business with an ex-convict and certainly a person with my reputation?

Peter Foster is not a member of the Franchise Council of Australia.  Surprised?

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