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Franchise Council Final Fling

Tom Koutsantonis MPThe franchise Council of Australia appears to have gathered the support of a small number of South Australian Liberals and two independents, while claiming the Family First Party is also on board.

Proposed amendments to the South Australian Small Business Commissioner Bill have been tabled for consideration. Rob Brokenshire for Family First has voiced his support of the Bill while suggesting that ‘Farming’ be added to the title.

It would be unthinkable that this is the last attempt by the FCA to repel good faith and fair dealings for South Australia’s franchisees.

To date the proposed changes have not been published.

Some are worthy and others would undermine the integrity of the bill, and obviously, the members would need to reflect on whether they want a bill that stands up for small business, or whether they take another position.   Franck Zumbo

This FCA move follows Small Business Minister Tom Koutsantonis (pictured) call to oppose the proposed watering down of the small business bill.

It's time the Liberal Party stood up to their big business mates and supported small business.  ABC television

Meanwhile, the Small Business Development Corporation has begun its search for its first Small Business Commissioner.

One of the commissioner’s main roles will be to institute a new service to receive and deal with complaints about retail tenancy disputes, unfair market practices between businesses and the activities of Government agencies, where they adversely impact on small business.  SBDC

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