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Franchise Registration States

If a franchisor is authorized to sell in the states below, the franchising company must register with the following state offices. These 13 state offices below not only require the grantor of franchise licenses to register with the state but these states also require the franchisor to provide a copy of the franchisor's Franchise Disclosure Document.

  1. California: Department of Business Oversight  (213) 576-7500
  2. Hawaii: Consumer Affairs, Securities Compliance  (808) 586-2722

  3. Illinois: Attorney General's Office, Franchise Division  (217) 782-1090

  4. Indiana: Securities Commissioner, Securities Division  (317) 232-6681

  5. Maryland: Maryland Attorney General’s Office, Securities Division (410) 576-6360

  6. Minnesota: Minnesota Dept of Commerce  (612) 296-4026

  7. New York: Attorney General’s Office (212) 416-8200

  8. North Dakota: Office of the Securities Commissioner (701) 328-2910

  9. Rhode Island: Division of Securities (401) 222-3048

  10. South Dakota: Division of Securities (605) 773-4823

  11. Virginia: Division of Securities & Retail Franchising (804) 371-9051

  12. Washington: Dept of Financial Institutions, Securities Division (360) 902-8760

  13. Wisconsin: Wisconsin Securities Commission (608) 261-9555

A franchise buyer can obtain a copy of the Franchise Disclosure Document from these state offices. It can also file complaints for illegal franchising activities. Should the state find a problem, it may ask the franchisor to take corrective action, require a penalty or stop the franchisor from selling franchises in the state,

Two states have enacted franchise laws; however, they DO NOT require Franchise Disclosure Document registration. These are:

  • Michigan (notice only)
  • Oregon (no filing)

Since franchisors that want to sell in these 15 states must submit to the state's franchise laws or in the case of the first 13 states, file the regulated disclosure document, franchisors may desire to minimize their preparation efforts by selling franchises in the unregulated 35 states.

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