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Franchise Termination, Old-Style

Modern franchisees can have their franchise terminated for failure to "obey all laws" and be forced to take down their trade dress (brand signs). It turns out that old-style was not much different.

Back when a "franchise" was a grant from the King, the attorney for Charles I terminated a Cambridge alehouse franchise as follows:

Whereas we are credibly informed that R.D. of your towne, victualler, is himselfe a man of evill behaviour, and besides, doth suffer evill rule and disorder to bee kept in his house, contrary to the Lawes and Statutes of this Realme;

These are therefore in his Majesties name to will and command you forthwith to repaire to the house of the said R.D.,

And to charge him to surcease from keeping any longer any Alehouse or tipling house, and from common selling of Ale or Beere, at his perill:

And withall that you cause his signe to be pulled down;

Hereof faile you not, as you and either of you will answer to the contrary at your perill.

source: Michael Dalton, Country Justice (1635 ed.)

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