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Cracks Appear in United Facade of 7-Eleven National Franchisee Coalition

About 12 of the 44 local franchisee associations belonging to the independent National Coalition of Associations of 7-Eleven Franchisees (NCASEF) are expressing concern about two pending actions against the franchisor, its president and CEO that they feel may be going too far. Seeking understanding, they are asking for clarification from NCASEF'S executive team.

Jack in the Box Franchisee Association Wants Seat on the Board

The Jack in the Box National Franchisee Association is asking for a seat on the francisor's board of directors. Meanwhile the board continues to give the association the cold shoulder, despite the fact that the members own approximately 89 percent of the brand's restaurants.

Jack in the Box franchisees, growing increasingly troubled about the financial health of the San Diego chain, demanded Tuesday that they have input on corporate decisions they say are affecting their bottom line.

McDonald’s Franchise Owners Consider Forming an Independent Franchisee Association

McDonald’s franchisees are contemplating whether the time has come to have an independent franchisee association that advocates specifically for them, like some of their major competitors have. 

Can Dickey’s BBQ Franchise Owners Survive? Franchisees Claim They Received Misleading Numbers

Franchise owners of Dickey’s BBQ are closing at an alarming rate.  Why is this, and can a franchise owner really make a profit owning a Dickey’s BBQ? 

Is Dickey’s BBQ Franchising’s Next Quiznos? 28% Systemwide Churn

It is not easy to forget the Quiznos saga. Once a darling of the franchise industry, Dickey's Barbecue grew through franchising to nearly 5,000 locations. But today, it has just under 400 restaurants in the United States. Many franchisees lost everything.

Tim Hortons Ousts Another Prominent GWNFA Franchisee

Right on the heels of franchisor Tim Hortons ousting of Mark Kuziora, a leading voice in the Tim Hortons franchisee group Great White Northern Franchisee Association (GWNFA), another franchise owner, David Hughes, has been unceremoniously dumped from the chain, losing his four Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, restaurants with four minutes notice. Hughes is president of GWNFA.

Shattering the Myth: The Franchise Industry Is Heavily Regulated?!?

All of us have heard the argument: franchises are in a heavily regulated industry.  Really? Let us look into what is regulated, what isn’t, and is it enough considering those investing in a franchise not only risk their investment, but likely all their assets.

Tim Hortons Squelches Prominent Franchisee Voice

Mark Kuziora, owner of two Tim Hortons locations in Toronto and a leading voice for franchisees, was denied renewal of one of his restaurants this past April, in likely retaliation for his leadership in the franchisee association that has taken the franchisor to task.

Is Your Ops Manual Changing Your Franchise Agreement?

As franchisee owners, we all sign franchise agreements that set the terms and conditions of our business, and the relationship with our franchisor. Most of those franchise agreements contain a condition that you will follow the then current Operations Manual.