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Franchisees Getting Happier

Some of the most respected franchise systems in Australia did not rate in this 10 Thousand Feet franchisee satisfaction survey. At least one of Australia’s most criticized franchise systems did.

The survey of more than 550 franchisees found franchisees increasingly willing to renew their agreements and greater attention given by franchise companies to franchisee satisfaction.  10 Thousand Feet

Support, Rewards, Lifestyle and Passion were the reported criteria.   While the cream of Australian franchising apparently did not participate the results were determined from a survey of a whopping 1% of the country’s franchisees and it would seem only from Franchise Council of Australia member franchisors.

Many may be suspicious of yet another Australian franchising survey result and those that suggest 10 Thousand Feet smell should consider that behind the scenes we see an association with FCA and franchisors such as Bakers Delight and Poolwerx that seemingly have not contributed to healthy, ethical franchising if one were to refer to submissions to the Federal Inquiry.  

If this survey was to be given any credibility then perhaps the likes of McDonalds and Harvey Norman could have participated.  And perhaps 10 Thousand Feet could have provided information as to how some franchise systems became involved and why others did not and what processes saw such a small number of franchisees participate.

This survey and others promoted by FCA provide subliminal messaging of a healthy industry for would be investors when the reality that caused 2 recent State and a Federal Inquiry suggests otherwise. 

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Such surveys do nothing to encourage quality franchisors to distinguish themselves from the abundant disasters that await most prospective franchisees.  This one again raises questions as to how 'satisfaction' was rated. For example ... let's say only 5 Bakers Delight franchisees were selected for the survey and 4 espoused how wonderful life was at BD.  Would that rate as 80% feeling happy?

Sadly; this is the standard of data available in a country where the need for real data is ignored and attempts to collate information on the efficiency and performance of the franchising industry are denounced by those who represent the worst of the worst in Australian franchising. FCA and those who feed from FCA ties suggest such data is unnecessary.

As an addendum it might be suggested that any reference to franchisee satisfaction in even the greatest of franchise systems is as farcical as a reference to a franchisor’s satisfaction with franchisee performance.  Both would be considered extremely rare … something along the lines of rocking horse somethingorother.

And besides; aren’t the only satisfied franchisees those who realize their anticipated return in line with their level of investment and where the investment grows in value to the point where turnover is minimal.  Perhaps next year 10 Thousand Feet might consider clearly categorizing the financial influences that determine such turnover as a clearer indicator of what another random 1% thinks. Actually; by all published reports it's really considerably less than 1%.

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