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Franchises With Highest Customer Satisfaction Ranked

Army of Mystery Shoppers Ranks Businesses That Most Satisfy Customers, Top 3 Franchise Brands Listed

FINDLEY, Ohio (Blue MauMau) -  Corporate Research International, the people responsible for sending out an army of mystery shoppers to rank retail outlets throughout the United States, has provided a list of best businesses by customer satisfaction.

Blue MauMau has gleaned the top 3 franchise systems by industry sector and listed their overall score as of Quarter 4, 2007.

Fast Food Restaurant
# Franchise Score # Franchise Score
1. Subway 7.36 1. Panera Bread 7.79
2. Quiznos 7.24 2. Chili's Grill & Bar 7.53
3. Sonic 7.20 3. Applebee's 7.50
Pizza Hotel
1. Cici's 7.52 1. Marriott 8.36
2. Papa Murphy's 7.49 2. Hyatt 8.35
3. Papa John's 7.36 3. Hilton 8.24
Convenience Store Home Improvement
1. BP (AM/PM) 6.99 1. Ace Hardware 7.76
2. Shell 6.92 2. True Value 7.49
3. Chevron/Texaco 6.89 3.    

Methodology: The results are calculated by Corporate Research International. The firm sends quarterly surveys online to a pool of panelists, some 2,500 online respondents who ranked various parts of customer service on a scale of 1 -10, with 10 being the highest.

Brad Holdgreve, Vice President of Sales for CRI expounds, "We are a market research company that recruits mystery shoppers as panelists for this study. If our mystery shoppers select to participate, then we use them. Their demographics are pretty close to U.S. demographics, although we are higher in female than male participants though."

Holdgreve continues, "This is quarterly monitoring that companies can use to measure performance."

Mike Mallett, CEO of Corporate Research International adds, "Business owners can stay ahead of their competition by having the most up-to-date information available about their customer service."

The hotel sector had the highest rankings by customer satisfaction.

To compare these franchises to others and to their non-franchised competitors, go to:

CRI's Customer Perception Survey

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