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Frank Zumbo, Deputy Small Business Commissioner.

Professor Frank ZumboIt has been reported that vocal champion for healthy competition Professor Frank Zumbo has been appointed Deputy Small Business Commissioner to South Australia.  The Franchise Council of Australia is disturbed.

Chief executive of the Franchise Council of Australia, Steve Wright, says it's impossible for Zumbo to claim impartiality after the University of New South Wales professor claimed to have drafted state-based legislation. SmartCompany

The FCA continues its fight against reform that delivers fair dealing principles.

Zumbo has reportedly said he will focus on creating new codes of conduct for the farming and franchising sectors – a fear which many franchises believed would come true after the small business commissioner legislation was passed.

Readers might construe that the FCA mouthpiece considers Frank Zumbo to be only interested in interfering with FCA low bar standards.  

Franchising is simply one segment of small business where the federal government and other state governments appear far too ready to capitulate to any bigger business while ignoring the future costs to all Australians when small businesses are turned over far too regularly and industries die.

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