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Greenbaum Marketing Communications


Richard Solomon

Where do you get your info? I need to smoke some of that! You don't know what you are talking about.


Would this be the same Greenbaum who is selling franchises Internationaly for CB?

Yes the same one, plus relatives

oh and anyone wondering about that IT web team or whatever it was called, ask about the names, backgrounds of these members, maybe even some won't take you long to review them.

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LOL....They Gotta HATE these blogs

All you people coming together to actually call them out on some of these 'coincidences' or downright misrepresentations.  These poor franchise execs that actually have to deal with their past  following them from one shill game to another.  I almost pity them.......................whew.....THAT passed.

Rhino Super Center

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Looks Like PostNet's Greenbaum

It does look like it, doesn't it? The company is based in Las Vegas (like PostNet was until recently). It's called Greenbaum. And the site features Postnet.

Anyone out there know anything about Greenbaum Marketing? Any relationship to Steve Greenbaum, President of PostNet and current IFA Chairman?

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The Greenbaums

NO ---- Relatives?

Martin Greenbaum - president of Greenbaum Marketing

Rick Greenbaum - Director of FRanchise Development at Postnet

Rick Greenbaum - Head of Franchise Development Coffee Beanery

Steve Greenbaum - Pres/CEO of PostNet & IFA Chairman 

Believe & Succeed,
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Greenbaum and CB

Just when you think that Zors like CB who seem to have little influence, comes Steve and Rick G. These people stick together like glue. Joanne Shaw is more protected then any one knows

Just look at what CB did in Illinois not to mention that Maryland has still failed to recgonize the violations of The Consent Order.

If these little known Zors get away with the crimminal acts that they use everyday, you can only imagine what UPS and Quizons has yet to play out

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 they are brothers.

Craig Slavin
Franchise Architects
Franchise Navigator

some clarification

Martin lives in Vegas and is the marketing Greenbaum. I believe he is the key guy to this Vegas based venture, but he needed the support and contributions from his brother Steve. I mean there is nothing wrong with brothers supporting brothers, or is there...after all Steve can probably get him a lot of franchisor clients who badly need marketing material.

Rick used to work at Coffee Beanery, then moved to Vegas to join PostNet and moved to Denver when the company relocated.

Steve is the owner and founder of PostNet, and now also owns another franchise (some ImPrint concept) that is also run out of the Denver office I was told. Steve also sold CB licenses, from what I heard he was doing the international licensing deals. Funny though that it was nowhere mentioned in the CB UFOC. Is that not a requirement?
If so, there is a major issue there I would say...

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Miscreant tracking is a great public service. There oughta be a merit badge for tracking and outing bad folks. 

Richard Solomon

and what about IFA, HWY to Hell?

with folks like this on top, only voted into office by the IFA buddy club, the IFA is surely going another step backwards if not to hell. Surely the rest of the world will vote to remove the "I" and leave it the "FA Club", standing for "F... All Club", because that is how these egomaniacs think and act day in and day out, at the expense of those poor folks who invested and lost their life savings. I am sure the rest of the world can do without them or don't need membership of the club.

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I think that you need to spell this out in more detail: so far, it sounds like a Ross McDonald novel and not a failure of disclosure.

Michael Webster PhD LLB
Misleading Advertising Law

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Could we have a directory of the names of people who are listed in the UFOCs of questionable franchises? The idea would be that every franchise that we believe might have issues regarding investment worthiness or relationship abuse issues would simply be listed in a listing that has a column of franchise names on the left and the names of the people in a column on the right.

No other comment would be made. It would be a list of companies and of the people named in their UFOCs. That would enable tracking of miscreants from scam to scam.

I would be willing to put it on my blog under a lead in that said "Below is a list of companies that Richard Solomon would recommend against if anyone were thinking about purchasing a franchise, and the names of the people in those companies who are identified in the UFOC disclosure packages."

Y'all could just feed me nominees and I would then do my own due diligence on it and make my own include/exclude decisions about it.

What say you? 

Richard Solomon

The IFA has a tube into the FTC

These high IFA officials know that they control the rules of the game and that franchisees are pawns of the game who feed their egomania and their purses.

They have the money and the influence, the tube, and the PR machine to protect the ZORS even in the promulgation of the rule of law.

It is obvious, in the words of a cynic, that they get what they pay for.

#1 JIM AMOS ( I wish I


( I wish I could make the print huge!)

Should have given more

Should have given more detail:
#1 Jim Amos

Strike One: I can't believe It's Yogurt
Strike Two: Mail Boxes Etc.
Strike Three: Sona Medspas.
He is working on #4 as we speak.



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