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Higher Numbers of EVs Fueling Battery Supply Concerns

With purchases of electric vehicles expected to steeply increase, mostly because of government mandates banning the sale of gasoline and diesel engines after various specified dates, there are doubts about battery suppliers being able to keep up with the demand.

Ford Motor Co., like most automakers, says it will rely on suppliers to make the battery cells for the electric vehicles it is developing.

That's not surprising, but it underscores growing concerns that battery suppliers such as LG Chem and Samsung will lack capacity to meet demand as Volkswagen, Volvo, General Motors and others promise dozens of new EV nameplates in the coming years. — Michael Martinez, Automotive News (limited free views)

But an MIT-led study has found that a shortage of necessary metals used in battery manufacturing is not a concern:

The battery industry can relax. In the near future, shortages of critical metals will place “absolutely no limitations” on battery manufacturing, according to a report published this week by US academics.

…But, the researchers warn, “without proper planning”, there could still be short-term bottlenecks in the supplies of some metals, particularly lithium and cobalt, that could cause temporary slowdowns in production. — Jessica Twentyman, Internet of Business

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