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How to buy a franchise

My is Sergio. I recent subscriber to blue maumau. My brother and I want to open are own franchise but do not know where to begin. We have in mind of owning a Subway franchise. We have always wanted to get in the sandwich business. So far we have done some research on franchising, but we are still a little confuse and we might probably need to do some more. We also would like to know if a Subway franchise is a good investment.

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How to Buy a Franchise

It's completely about location.

I've seen well placed Subways pull in ~$13k/day (absolute best I've seen). with less than $2k of that being daily operating expense. That's about 1500 people per day or 400-500 at lunch and 800-1000 during the late afternoon and evening. That's sort of the absolute best you're going to do and it typically requires being placed somewhere that has very few choices. More typically, you might only see $3k-$5k/day.

Buy Franchise with a franchise guide

Buying a franchise needs careful evaluation if your target franchise indeed suits you well. As a successful franchise investor, I suggest that for would-be franchisees it is best to have a franchise guide in order to know the essential steps you need to undertake to attain success in franchising. There are many points to consider for you to make the right decision. As a matter of fact, there are franchises now which have no franchise fee programs. For your benefit, grab the opportunity to avail of very useful information that will help you how to have a right start in the franchise industry. You may visit

Subway franchise


Subway now has over 30,000 units. Its hugely popular. I would suggest finding friends that own one to give you the scoop. But I would also suggest working in a shop for a time to find out the inside story.

But what do you want to do? Do you have any skills or customers of your own?

Subway inquiry

Often simply googling the restaurant you are interested in going into business with is enough to get you the basic contact information. My partner and I had an interest in buying into the Jimmy John's Sandwiches franchise because, frankly, we liked eating there. We googled it and found information at Franchise Creature. There are quite a few franchises to buy there--not sure about Subway. We were able to get extensive information about Jimmy John's and it was a good experience for us. In the end, we ended up going Ice Cream, go figure, but still, I'd say it's a decent site if you're interested. The folks are pretty mid-to-low pressure, and in the end, actually referred us to something we could better afford at the time.

Is Franchising 4 You/

There's a lot of great info on this website.

If you get a chance, you might check out Full disclosure, I work for the company. It is a COMPLETELY unbiased source of information. It can be hard to get people to believe that. But it's true. Completely. The owner worked for a major franchisor for quite a while...and really decided he wanted to educate people interested in owning a franchise so they don't make the mistakes he saw made by people swept up in the razzle dazzle.

We have message boards that have just started up...and we do have a bunch of experts ready to answer questions. Hope to see you there!

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Submarina California Subs

Hi Sergio. Check out Submarina California Subs. Its a great sandwich! The franchise is just now going national. If you are in AZ give me a call. We are the area developers for Arizona.

thanks, Jason

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