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How Chick-fil-A Innovates to Ratchet Up Pad Site Efficiencies

Eat Mor Chikin Kowz
Eat mor chikin kowz / photo by Forsaken Fotos

​Chick-fil-A's business success has muted many a former skeptic who didn't think it could be done on their terms. A challenge for the company in recent years has been changes in commercial real estate, much of it unfavorable. The company puts strong reliance on innovation to come up with solutions that work in the real world.

"Every foot does matter. If we eat up three feet here, we have to find three feet somewhere else. That could be a row of parking spaces that just got sacrificed," Chick-fil-A manager of kitchen design Eric Stogner told BuzzFeed.

To speed up service, the chain is proposing two main changes: The first is to have a team of four to six servers walk up to cars in the drive-thru to take both orders and payments via tablet, rather than having drivers wait to reach the usual pair of speakers and the cashier. This has already been launched at many locations.

The second is to have another set of servers walk to cars with their orders when they are ready. — Kyle Hagerty, Bisnow Houston

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