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Hyatt Hotel Consumers Are Hit with Major Credit Card Hack

Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego
Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego / Jeff Kubina photo

Brian Krebs reports that Hyatt Hotels Corporation has been hit with its second credit card breach in as many years. Although it can happen anywhere, hacking has been drawn to the hospitality industry. Krebs explains why.

This time, the breach appears to have impacted 41 properties across 11 countries. Only five of the Hyatt properties affected in this most recent breach included U.S. locations, including three resorts in Hawaii and one each in Guam and Puerto Rico. The nation with the largest number of Hyatt properties impacted was China (18).

... Organized crime groups (most notably the Carbanak gang) have been targeting customer service and reservations specialists at various hospitality chains with tailored social engineering attacks that involve well-aged fake companies and custom malware. --

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