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I Bought My Franchise Because I Was Sold on the Product!!!!

I remember the first time I tried the circuit, I was totally sold on it. I have excercised most of my life. I had been into excercise since a young girl. I went on hundred mile bike trips and loved everything excercise did for me. Even when I was busy raising my children I made time for exercise. As I got older I had more responsibilities and less time to go on hundred mile bike trips.

In my late fourties I loved Curves. Yet It wasn't enough for me. I jogged and did step aerobics along with the Curves workout. I told my husband it would be fun to own a Curves. Yet why did I have to do more? Thirty minutes was not enough for me.

In my fifties I moved to Washington. The winters were harsh comparing it to Monterey County, California. People want to hybernate when the weather gets grey and cold.

One day my husband heard of 123 fit. We visted a couple clubs. It was a step or two above a Curves. It wasn't until we went to training in Denver, Colorado I did a work out. I loved it. I still do.

The most important message is to not buy a franchise on the basis of loving the product. You have to make sure you are dealing with ethical people. The franchisor has to be ethical. The sales people were not that great. They were like used car salesmen. A hard sell. I still wasn't convinced to buy the circuit because at that time I never got on it.

At training I tried it and was totally sold on it. I believed in it. Sadly I wasn't sold on the corporation. I wasn't impressed with the CEO. Or the other men like Scott.

Bottom line: Never, never buy a franchise on the basis of only a good product.

More important is the people at the top of the corporation good? You have to get to know the people running the corporation before you buy. What kind of people are they? Insist on an interview with the CEO. See what kind of values they have.

If they don't have high standards as far as values do not buy into their franchise. I always looked at jobs as interviewing the management. Not them interviewing me. You should insist on talking to the CEO and asking many questions. If they don't like your questions they will show you by body language or other ways. The head of the company will tell you how your life will be with them. Then do your due diligence. A very long but beneficial process that will save you from financil ruin.

The product is never the reason to sign the contract. Your relationship with the corporation and finding out what kind of people they are is more important than the product. Don't get me wrong you need a good product. We had a good product just very bad people at the top. With the right person at the top I believe we would of made it. He would of cared about us. Which I believe he isn't that kind of person. The CEO is a Quizno's has been and does his business like Quiznos. That in itself speaks a thousand words.

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