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Illinois Dairy Queen Franchisee Loses Store after Racist Rant

A Dairy Queen franchisee, who was widely reported nationwide and internationally of using offensive racist language against a biracial mother who had asked for a refund, has lost his store. It remains closed until further notice.

A Dairy Queen restaurant in the north suburbs has been closed by corporate after a mother says the franchise owner called her and her children a racial slur.

"He was proud, he used the word freely when talking to the officer," said Deia Ford, 21.

Ford, a mother of two, said she went to Dairy Queen in Zion for food Wednesday morning. She said she didn't receive her full order and asked for a refund, and did not expect what happened next when the franchise owner Jim Crichton approached her. — Rob Elgas, Diane Pathieu & Ravi Baichwal, ABC7 Chicago

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