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Independent Franchisee Associations

A REQUEST OF MEMBERS/GUESTS: If you know of an independent franchisee association that is not listed below, please add to our listing by clicking "add new comment". The list will be updated with your addition in our Franchipedia (Franchise Encyclopedia) as a tool to assist franchise buyers and owners.  

Franchise experts often advise that franchise buyers contact independent franchisee associations. Yet a quick search on Google shows little in listings. These associations can give insights into the realities of operating a franchise - both good and bad. And they can help frustrated franchise owners to use their energies constructively. To help, here is our list of franchisee associations.

For those franchisees who have good or just not bad relations with their franchisor, please review: Four Steps to Creating a Modern Franchisee Association

Please also contact michael webster at if you have questions or suggestions.  The most up to directory  at the IAFD's Directory of Franchisee Associations.  But I do add suggestions from BMM.

Franchise Brand Specific


Radiator Franchisee Association, Inc.

7 Eleven Franchise Owners Association
San Diego, CA, 92103
(619) 291 -1809

12345 30th Avenue Northeast, Seattle, WA, 98125
(206) 363 -6162

A&W Franchisee Association
National A & W Franchise Association 
302 Anglewood Court, Richmond, KY, 40475
(859) 625 -5920
NAWFA website

AAMCO Dealers Association 
National AAMCO Dealers Association Website

Arby's Franchisee Association
AFA Website (Private)

Association of Blockbuster Franchisees
ABF Website (Private)

Association of Independent Baskin-Robbins Franchise Owners

Association of Independent Quikrete Licensees
4230 S Macdill Ave
Tampa, FL 33611

Association of Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchisees
AKFCF Website

Association of Remedial Educators
ARE Website

Association of Residential Cleaning Services International
ARCSI Website

Association of Sheraton Franchisee N. America
ASFONA Website

Association of Taco John's Franchisees
ATJF Website

Auto Painters Association (Maaco Franchisee group)
Auto Painters Association Website

Brightstar Independent Franchisee Association
BIFA Website

Buffalo Wild Wings Association
BWFNA Website

Culligan Dealers Association
CDANA Website

Curves Franchisee Association
CurvesFA Website

Dairy Queen Operators' National and Regional Associations
National DQOA-DQOC Website

North East Store Owners
NESO Website

South Eastern Store Owners  Association Inc.
SESOA Website

Dale Carnegie Franchisee Association
IDCFA website 

Denny's Franchisee Association
DFA Website

Denver Subs Canada Franchisee Association
Denver Subs Website 

Domino's Franchise Association
DFA Website

Dunkin' Donuts Independent Franchise Owners, Inc.
DDIFO Website

Econo Lodge Franchisee Association
ELFA Website

Edible Arrangements Independent Franchisee Association LLC
EAIFA Website

Golds Gym Franchising Association
GGFA Website 

Great Lakes KFC Franchisee Association
GLKFCF Website

Independent Association of Cleaning Authority Workers
IACO Association Website

Independent Association of Great Clips Franchisees
IAGCF Website

Independent Association of Jackson Hewitt Franchise
ICJHF Website 

Independent Association of Kumon Math & Reading Center Owners
IAKF Website 

Independent Hardee's Franchisee Association
IHFA Website

Independent Organization of Little Caesars Franchisees
IOLCF Website 

International Association of Holiday Inns
IAHI Website

ICFO, Independent Coalition of Franchise Owners (The UPS Store)
ICFO Website

International Pizza Hut Franchisee Holders Association
IPHFHA Website

Jiffy Lube Association of Franchisees, Inc.

KOA Owner Association
KOA Owners Association Website

Kwik Kopy, Franklin's Printing, Ink Well & Copy Club Franchisees
KKFIC Owners Website (Private)

Long John Silver's Franchisee Association
LJSFAB  Website

Master Coaches
MCA Website 


National Black McDonalds' Operator Association
NBMOA Website

Maaco Franchisee Association

McDonalds' Hispanic Owner-Operators Association
MHOA-USA Website

McDonalds' Operators' Association of Southern California
MOASC Website

Meineke Dealers Association
MDA Website (Private) 

IMDA Website

MRI Franchisee Association
MRI Website 

Naked Pizza Franchisee Association

National Asociation of Cottman Center Owners
NACCO Website 

National Association of Professional Allstate Agents

National Association of Satellite Contract Owners, Inc.
NASCO Website

National Association of State Farm Agents
NASFA Website 

National Franchisee Association of Burger King
NFABK Website

National Bread Network
CBCL Franchisee Website Private

National Coalition of 7-Eleven Franchise Owners Association
NCASEF Website

National ServPro Franchisees Association

North American Association of Subway Franchisees
NAASF Website 

Northwest KFC Franchisee Association
NWKFC Website

Old Fashioned Franchise Association (Wendy's)
OFFA Website

Papa Murphy's Franchisee Association
PMFA Website

Planet Fitness Independent Franchisee Association

Popeyes Independent Franchise Association
PIFA Website

Roto-Rooter Franchisee Association
RRFA Website

Sonic Franchisee Association
SFA Website

Subway Purchasing Cooperative
IPC Coop Website

Sylvan Franchise Owners Association
Sylvan FOA Website

Supercuts Franchisee Association
Supercuts Franchisee Association Website (Private)

Association of Sheraton Franchisees and Owners North America
ASFONA Website

The Independent Taco Bell Franchisee Association
IATBF Website

The International Midas Dealers Association
IMDA Website 

The National Association of Jack-in-the-Box Franchisees
JIBFA Website

The Owners 8 Association
Owners 8 Website

The Round Table Owners Association
RTOA Website

The Service Station Franchise Association (Arco)
SSFA Website

Toasted Subs Franchisee Association
TSFA Website

The UPS Stores
ICFO Website

Urgent Care Franchisee Association


  1. American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD)

  2. American Franchisee Association (AFA)

  3. Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA)

  4. Association for Car and Truck Rental Independents and Franchisees (ACRAORG)

  5. Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA)

  6. International Association of Franchisees and Dealers (IAFD)

  7. National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA)


  1. Carolina Franchisee Association

  2. Dallas Franchisee Association

  3. Great Lakes Franchisee Association

  4. Metro-New York Franchisee Association

  5. Minority Franchisee Association

  6. Mid-America Franchisee Association

  7. Mid-South Gulf Franchisee Association

  8. Mid-West Franchisee Association

  9. National Hispanic Franchisee Association

  10. New England Franchise Association

  11. Northern California Franchisee Association

  12. Northwest Franchisee Association

  13. Rocky Mountain Franchisee Association

  14. Southern California Franchisee Association

  15. Southwest Franchisee Association

  16. Texas Franchisee Association

  17. Tri-State Franchisee Association

  18. The United Franchise Owners of Long Island & New York (UFOLI)

  19. Virginia Franchisee Association

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BIFA was established as a chapter of the AAFD in 2014 and now represents 51% of system revenue. As of 4/25/2018

Baskin-Robbins Franchisee Association


Please list the

Association of Independent Baskin-Robbins Franchise Owners (AIBRFO)
1560 S. Mason Rd.
Suite B
Katy, TX 77450

Shaw Darwish

New Independent Franchisee Association

Keith Pellicano - President
Rick Kimsey, Secretary and Treasurer
Tel. 540-242-0933

Please Add (complete listing information)

Keith Pellicano - President
Rick Kimsey, Secretary and Treasurer
Tel. 540-242-0933
C/O Lavender Health Care of Florida, LLLP
2901 S. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34201

United Franchise Owners of Long Island & New York

Please add: The United Franchise Owners of Long Island & New York (UFOLI), 66 Commack Road, Suite 311, Commack, New York 11725 serving 7-Eleven franchisees for 34 years.

independent franchise association not listed - please add

hello I am the administrator for Auto Painters Association - we are an association of US Maaco Franchisees - please include us on your list

Mr. Blue MauMau's picture

Maaco franchisees

The Auto Painters Association has been added to the list of independent franchisee associations. Thank you for informing our community of franchisees. I hope that you will also keep BMM informed about news affecting your franchisees.

My contact information is here.

Junk Owners Group WWW site averages 1500 visits each month

Completing it's fifteenth month online, the Junk Owners Group web site, now averages 1500 visits each month. Junk Owners Group (JOG), the official and only independent franchise association for 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise owners, was founded in February 2010 by a core group of franchise owners concerned about their investment, the future of their businesses, and the brand. Two months later, the JOG deployed a website which features a blog and user-forum where members can exchange and discuss information about their operational and business concerns, best practices, and company internal matters and issues. During the first six months online, member visits averaged 200-300 each month. It appears that members now check the site several times a day and it has become part of their daily operation.

The JOG is a member-focused association committed to enhance revenue generation, increase owner profitability, and champion business success. The Group works tirelessly for its members by providing the conduit for the open and unrestricted exchange of information, ideas, inquiries, and mutual support between its members. To access the website ( members must register for membership and be owners or investors of a 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise. Since its formation, JOG membership has steadily increased and today represents almost 1/3 of all franchise owners.

If you are interested in JOG membership, fill out the membership request at the web site.

1-800-GOT-JUNK? is the world's largest junk removal company and provides professional service to residential and commercial clients in the United States, Canada, Australia, and UK. To book an appointment, call 1-800-468-5865 or online at

I was told it was now

I was told it was now, but I can't find it.

please add this assn to the list

ICFO, Independent Coalition of Franchise Owners (The UPS Store)

michael webster's picture


The association has been added.

double listing

Hi - Thanks for correcting our listing.

Please remove the original one that does not include the entire name of our association.

Thanks! GREAT site!



Edible Arrangements Independent Franchisee Association, LLC

Edible Arrangements Owners Association

Please list the Edible Arrangements owners association as:

Edible Arrangements Independent Franchisees Association

our acronyn should be all caps:  EAIFA

Thank you for listing us!


We should have some interesting news for your website very soon...

The purpose of the Newly

The purpose of the Newly formed EA Independent Franchisees Association (EAIFA), a Michigan based corporation, is to serve as a formal entity for Edible Arrangements owners to engage in positive dialogue and analysis of entrepreneurial issues with the goal of assuring transparency and profitable business models. Our mission statement is "A Collaboration of Shared Goals."

We are not a purely litigious organization; rather, we are an entity formed to collaborate with one andother and our franchisor to assure profitability, exceptional customer service and positive growth of the Edible Arrangements brand.

michael webster's picture


I have seen this story play out many times - a group of franchisees band together and want to "collaborate" with their franchisor.  

Guess what?  Your franchisor has no interest in collaboration.  And no, you cannot litigate a franchisor into collaborating.

The only way to collaborate is to be economically powerful in your own right, and go from there.

Good luck with it, and if you need any help with the economic end, don't hesitate to contact me or Steve Ellerhorst at the IAFD. 

michael webster's picture

Well, OK

The website is here:

It's a private website designed for litigation, with Justin Klein as their attorney.  

I am uncomfortable putting every litigation group that claims to represent franchisees in the directory.  Many of these litigation groups are simply seeking reasonable terms for divorce - which is entirely reasonable.

But an independent franchisee association is not merely a litigation group, although many start that way.  The IndFA sells services/goods to its members that the franchisor cannot.  It isn't at war or peace with the franchisor.  It serves a business function, and when supported, it can claim to speak for some but not all the franchisees.

michael webster's picture

Up to Date Association Information

Please also contact michael webster at if you have questions or suggestions.  The most up to directory  at the IAFD's Directory of Franchisee Associations.  

But I do add suggestions from BMM, as I do edit both lists.  The BMM directory tends to be about a month behind.

Jeff Lefler's picture

Add to the list please;

National Bread Network
1288 Commissioners Rd W, Suite 200
London, Ontario, Canada
N6K 1E1


NBN formed in May 2009, and we represent over 800 Canada Bread Franchisees who distribute bakery products throughout Canada.  Membership dues are $1000.00 per year for Registered Members.

Edible Arrangements Independent Franchisee Association

Please update your site with our email address and website. We incorporated in January 2010, and became officially recognized by Edible Arrangements, International in March. We currently have more than 160 members.

Thank you!

EAIFA Board of Directors

New Independent Franchisee Organization

Please add the Independent Coalition of Franchise Owners (ICFO) to your list of independent franchisee associations. The ICFO was launched in mid July, 2010, and serves the interests of franchisees of The UPS Store network, one of the largest non-food franchise systems in the US. The ICFO can be contacted at:

2038 Ford Parkway, #255
St. Paul, MN 55116-1931

RichardSolomon's picture


The frachisees of 1-800-RADIATOR frachising have just established a new Independent Franchisee Association by the name of Radiator Frachisee Association, Inc., a Texas Corporation. The legal counsel and managing director is Richard A. Solomon of, whose email is .

Ray Borradale's picture


No doubt 1800-Radiator can look forward to a healthy collaborative relationship between all stakeholders. Congratulations to all those dedicated to the win/win.

Junk Owners Group

Just established in February 2010, the Junk Owners Group is an independent franchisee association for 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise owners.
Our mission: The Junk Owners Group promotes our businesses so as to enhance revenue generation, increase owner profitability, and champion business success. The Group works for its members by providing the conduit for the open exchange of information, ideas, inquiries, and mutual support between its members."
Please include the Junk Owners Group in your list.

Mr. Blue MauMau's picture

Junk Owners Group added


Your association has been added.

Blue MauMau would love to have you and your organizations post information on what is happening with your group, trends within your franchise sector. Prospective franchisees will want to know when your meetings are so that they can attend to get the low down on a franchise. When they attend, you can sign them up as members.

Please give me a call.

International Midas Dealer's Association (IMDA)

We represent Midas franchisees in the US and Canada.

not listed

Association of Candy Bouquet Franchisees

michael webster's picture

Not listed

Does the Association have a website?

Barbara Jorgensen's picture

Anyone belong to any of these franchise associations?

Inform us (me) on what goes on in the meetings.  I believe in franchise associations.  What do you talk about?  What are the main concerns of the zees?  Do the associations help resolve alot of issues between zees and zors?  Do franchise attorneys attend any of your meetings?  Do the zors ever attend the meetings?  I am all ears.


Speed, Power, Agility Franchisee Advocacy Network (SPAFAN)
Supporting current and former Velocity Sports Performance Franchisees
PO Box 25514
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

michael webster's picture


Dead address and website

Dunkin' Donuts Franchisee Association

Kindly add the follwing Dunkin' Donuts franchisee association:

DD Independent Franchise Owners, Inc.
150 Depot Street
Bellingham, MA 02019


DD Independent Franchise Owners, Inc.
Mark A. Dubinsky, President

The Brown Board

UPS Store Franchise Association

Talk Brown

UPS store association

Mr. Blue MauMau's picture

Franchisee Associations

A big thanks to Dale Nabors and FranSynergy for providing Blue MauMau with quite a few franchisee associations to help franchise buyers and franchisees. Our list has been updated to reflect his contribution. Dale thinks there are roughly 250 such associations.

I wish there were a comprehensive list of independent franchisee associations somewhere on the Net but a Google search shows little. I am stumped by what is so top secret about listing such organizations. Anyhow, I am asking that the Blue MauMau community help create a comprehensive list as a tool for franchisees.

Mr. Blue MauMau

Independent Franchisee Organization

Not listed within the list is our company. Our information is as follows:

Independent Organization of Little Caesars Franchisees
5455 Corporate Drive, Suite 110
Troy, Michigan 48098
(248) 641-9400
Fax (248) 641-9401

Todd Messer - Executive Director
Christine Beausoleil - Editor of Toga Times (Quarterly Magazine for Little Caesars Franchisees)

Any questions, please feel free to call me.


Christine Beausoleil
(248) 641-9400

Mr. Blue MauMau's picture

Thanks Paul


Thanks for your contributions to the independent franchisee association list.

Mr. Blue MauMau

Paul Steinberg's picture

Minority franchising/ franch assns

Professor Jennifer Talwar of Penn State is doing research on the sociology of minority franchisees and franchisee associations.

If anyone has any relevant data, the Professor's email is

Mr. Blue MauMau's picture

Brown, Platinum and Dunkin Franchisee Associations Added


I have added the Brown Board, Talk Brown and let's not forget Platinum Shield independent franchisee organizations associated with the UPS Store / MBE.

And I have added Dunkin' Donuts Independent Franchise Owners to the list.

Thank you for your input. I don't know how we left those important franchisee associations out but I'm glad they are in now.

Mr. Blue MauMau



Mr. Blue MauMau's picture

Independent Franchisee Association Directory Coming


Thanks. I've placed the Independent Organization of Little Caesars Franchisees in the list. Once we've built a more comprehensive list, Blue MauMau plans to build a directory of independent franchisee associations with information, links, a description, reader ratings (1-5 stars) and comments so that our readers can easily find the appropriate organization. The information you provided will be used.

We would ask in return that you spread the word to your franchisees about our online franchisee journal.

Mr. Blue MauMau

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