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Institute of Certified Franchise Executives

It must be good; not only is the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives (ICFE) American based, the International Franchise Association has recommended this program to the Franchise Council of Australia as another small cog in the association’s revenue streaming.

The market;

Existing and aspiring franchising professionals and franchise entrepreneurs undertaking the program will have the opportunity to reach a recognised standard of excellence within the local and international franchising community.

Apart from the obvious revenue hoped to be gained from Australian franchisors, the Franchise Council of Australia is still in damage control mode.

Although the past few years have seen the reputation of franchising in Australia badly tainted by brands in conflict and others in bankruptcy; for the FCA that state of affairs is nothing that cannot be countered by maintaining the tried and true repetitious marketing of franchising as a shortcut to unimagined wealth and lifestyle. 

However; 2012 has seen a culmination of FCA and industry criticisms by industry advocates, politicians at state and federal levels and small pockets of the media. When the new Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission suggested franchising needed to clean up its act the FCA had to be seen to be directing the franchisor sector on a new and holy path of born again relationship ethics. 

While the program is familiar to franchising communitiesin North America, Europe and Asia, its structure has been customised for Australian candidates and will include core education units from FCA/Franchise Academy suppliers, along with international online curriculum units, and credit for sector experience and participation.       

What this course will actually achieve in attendance and outcomes from a sector known for its education indifference remains to be seen however it has no doubt achieved some lost FCA credibility with politicians suffering poor memory.

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