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James H. Amos, Jr.

Jim Amos, Source/P&G

Official bio for the media from Proctor & Gamble.

Jim Amos, Chairman and CEO of Tasti D-Lite LLC

  • Past Chairman:
    • The International Franchise Association
    • Mail Boxes Etc.
  • Chairman Emeritus: Mail Boxes Etc., now The UPS Store
    •  Author of three Bestsellers
    • Decorated Vietnam Veteran

Additionally, he has served on the boards of The National Veteran’s Administration, The Marine Military Academy, The Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, Meineke Car Care Centers, Oreck Corporation, Zig Ziglar Corporation, WSI of Canada, The University of Missouri, The International Franchise Association, The HealthStore Foundation and Ken Blanchard’s Faith Walk Leadership Foundation.

A graduate of the University of Missouri, Amos was honored as the 1998 scholar-in-residence and in 2000 and 2003 with the Distinguished Alumni Award. Recognized in “Marquis Who’s Who in America”, “Who’s Who in American Executives”, “Who’s Who in Finance and Industry”, “Who’s Who in American Authors” and “The International Authors and Writers Who’s Who”.

During his career, Mr. Amos has been a leader in the franchising industry. For eight years prior to joining MBE, he was the CEO of the Brice Group in Dallas. A former Marine Corps captain and veteran of two combat tours in Vietnam, Mr. Amos received 12 decorations, including the Purple Heart and Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. He is the author of several books including the best sellers The Memorial, Focus or Failure: America at the Crossroads, The Transparent Leader, Corporate Giants, Above and Beyond, You Can Do It, The Entrepreneurs’ Creed and Living An Uncommon Life. In addition, Penguin Press published his latest work, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Franchising.

Under Mr. Amos’ leadership as Chairman and CEO, Mail Boxes Etc. became the world’s largest and fastest growing franchisor of retail business, communication and postal service centers. Based in San Diego, the MBE Network comprised nearly 5,000 locations worldwide, with master licensing agreements in more than 80 countries around the world. In 2001, Amos was instrumental in orchestrating the sale of MBE to United Parcel Service who subsequently renamed the system, The UPS Store.

Tasti D-Lite is the #1 good-for-you dessert in the world within the fasted growing segment of the frozen dessert market. Mr. Amos has assembled a world class franchising team with the goal of 500 centers in five years.

James H. Amos Jr. and Snow Phipps Group, a New York-based private equity firm, acquired New York - based Tasti D-Lite on February 7, 2007, and Mr. Amos serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Source: This bio is courtesy of Proctor & Gamble. It was announced Feb 5, 2009 that Mr. Jim Amos would be chairman of the board for P&G's new franchising subsidiary, Agile Pursuits.

Controversy: Amos has a history of litigation with brands that he has led such as Brice Foods, Mail Boxes Etc. (now The UPS Store) and Sona Medspa. His name often creates strong reactions from self-declared franchise owners on the franchise blogosphere. Much of the anger from franchise owners are accusations of fraud. For example, there's mention of him on the Blogosphere at FranchisePerfection, FranchisePundit, Tasti D-Lited,, Blue MauMau and even more traditional journals like Franchise Times take note of this.

Franchise attorney Michael Webster published 4 pages of lawsuits against Jim Amos (pdf) from law research service Pacer. It shows litigation issues with Jim Amos from MBE, Sona Medspa, Brice Foods (I Can't Believe It's Yogurt) and many other brands.

Amos and other leaders of Sona Medspa were recently found guilty of negligent misrepresentation to franchise owners.

Besides the lawsuit that relates to a gruesome death of teenagers in an I Can't Believe It's Yogurt franchise, there is a lawsuit about conspiracy to defraud franchise investors at Brice Foods. Amos decided toward the end of the Brice trial to settle out of court. But the court in the Brice trial took the unusual step to state that Amos and colleagues "engaged in a conspiracy (pdf, see pg 6 of 20) to defraud investors (franchise buyers) commencing in May of 1992. Brice was found guilty.

Proctor & Gamble acquires Carnett's car washes: On July 1, 2009, 13 Carnett's car wash locations were converted to Mr. Clean Car Wash. Agile Pursuits Franchising, Inc., an attempt by Proctor & Gamble to try out franchising, announced the acquisition of Carnett's Car Wash company assets in February 2009. Carnett's is an Atlanta-based car wash chain. The conversion of Carnett's to Mr. Clean Car Wash brings the total number of car wash locations to 15, including two corporate-owned locations in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

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Franchise Encyclopedia entry on Jim Amos: Please contribute

If you have sourced business information on Mr. Jim Amos, please contribute. In that way future franchise owners may appreciate Amos' accomplishments but also understand the issues that some owners have with this controversial figure.

If we are wrong on any fact, please tell us.

We are interested in business and legal events that impact a franchise chain, not on private or personal aspects of his life.

Please contribute events in Mr. Amos' life that are sourced (preferably with a link). This is not the place to add personal descriptions of him — e.g. "If you see Amos' name with a franchise concept, run to buy it because you know it is great."

Those comments that are sourced and relevant will be added to Amos' Franchipedia entry.

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Professional Car Washing and Detailing

Executive director for the International Car Wash Association, Eric Wulf, said he hopes the news of Proctor & Gamble launching a national car wash franchise in the middle of a credit crunch shows carwash operators and new investors that “even in tough times, you cannot stop investing.” The editor-in-chief of Professional CarWashing and Detailing writes about the naysayers of Blue MauMau:

"The Blue MauMau, a website devoted to franchise news and research, is questioning Procter & Gamble’s decision to place Jim Amos, chairman and CEO of Tasti D-Lite, former chairman and CEO of Mail Boxes Etc. (now The UPS Store) and past chairman of the International Franchise Association (IFA) as the head of its franchising board.

Those organizations and credentials do sound impressive.

According to the Feb. 5 article in the Blue Mau Mau, Amos has a “history of litigation” with I Can't Believe It's Yogurt and Sona Medspa and his name “creates numerous strong reactions from self-declared franchise owners on the franchise blogosphere.”

The article did not specify the details or the outcomes of the alleged lawsuits brought against Amos or the companies. An internet search shows that in the early 1990s, Amos was involved in a lawsuit after four teenage customers were killed at an I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt franchise.

The Blue Mau Mau did not say what caused the "strong reactions from self-declared franchise owners," either.


Do not business with him or the daughter. Is she Heather Rose involved with Tasti D lite? She soon follows in his ventures. The web has lots of information regarding Ms. Rose and Sona Med Spas. I read the lawsuits thanks for the link. You are right on.

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Pacer Lawsuits

I emailed the editor a section from Pacer which outlined 7 lawsuits Amos was involved in having to do with franchising.  And I wrote a small article  about it, after the article was published, the editor wrote back and thanked me for the report from Pacer.

Michael Webster, a franchisee attorney in Toronto, Ontario, publishes a website on business opportunities and franchises called "The BizOp News"

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