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James' Home Services in Liquidation, Terminating Franchisees

Rogue James Home Services franchisor, Rushlyn Pty Ltd, is being liquidated as franchisees are advised that the administrator has been unable to secure a sale for the franchise.

The parent company of national franchise James' Home Service has gone into liquidation and moved to terminate all master franchise agreements with its over 200 franchisees.  SmartCompany

In a letter to franchisees the administrator is requesting reciprocal termination of franchise agreements and warns that “termination means both parties agree they have no claim against the other.”

Termination of these agreements does not eliminate the requirement to remit any funds which may be due and payable and current outstanding subject to these agreements up to the date of termination. SV Partners

In an email received two days ago disgusted ex-franchisee and lawyer Colin Dorian stated the collapse gives him no joy.

To think that at least 200 franchisees (or whatever the real number is) and their families no longer have a business is heartbreaking. Some of those franchisees only started in their businesses in the past month or two, with the franchisor taking their money well knowing that it was insolvent and there was a good chance it would not get a buyer to take over the franchisor’s business.

There are a lot of good people within the JHS franchise network and they don’t deserve this. Hopefully those franchisees will be able to de-badge and run independent businesses – one advantage of having a mobile franchise business as opposed to a retail franchise in premises often sub-leased from the franchisor.

In the words of JHS franchisor Robert James:

                           Every Business is a Direct Reflection of the Person Leading

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