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Jazzercise Franchise????

...I was researching this franchise and came across a forum where several instructors were concerned about the costs of running a Jazzercise business. Some were saying that corporate offices were charging a hefty fee for the monthly electronic membership fees...some were saying that what they are making barely covers the expenses. Some said that at one conference for franchise instructors they were given mirros and then posted the following question to the attendees: If your center is not doing good this is the reason? And they were asked to look into the mirror....oh my God; that's
ridiculous. It was also mentioned that Jazzercise franchisee's are NOT allowed to post on forums such as this I might never get an answer as to:

1. Do you run a successful Jazzercise center, or do you lease your space at recreational centers?
2. What was your initial investment to open your center?
3. How many members do you service?
4. How much do your charge per member?
5. How long did it take for you to see your profits?
6. Are you allow to have a center and also provide footwear, exercise clothing, etc.?
7. Do you get profits if any to sell Ryka footwear are your location?
8. Can you own a Jazzercise franchise center and not teach, and just run it with sub instructors?
9. How much are the sub instructors paid?
10. How long have you had your Jazzercise franchise?

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Unfortunately, too much of

Unfortunately, too much of these posts is true. I actually became and instructor twice. The first time, in 1982 BEFORE there were franchise fees. It was costly even then with all the equipment and other stuff that we needed to purchase. Still, I actually made a living at it. I quit because as the aerobics industry became more popular, the competition became stiffer and it became more difficult to sustain a living. The next time it cost me $600 for the francise fee. I became a sub and after working as a long-term sub for someone, she never paid me. I got back-logged with franchise fees and had to quit before I was terminated. As a sub, you still have to pay about $50 just to stay on the books. So, if you don't work one month, you're out $50. And you STILL need to pay for music, videos, etc. Loved the program, but hated the business.

Worst franchise

Jazzercise is the WORST franchise, there is no money to be made in this industry. I, too, taught for several years and have not been paid more than $7 per class to teach for the last 3 years. Jazzercise has consistently increased their fees and restrictions on instructors. In order to teach, you must attend at least one district meeting per year, ours was 6 hours away and always on a Sunday. They dictate what you get paid - tell the center owners only to pay instructors 20% of total income - split between all instructors even though they make you be an independent contractor and pay for expensive liability insurance and sub fees. You have to buy your own music 5 times a year. When you have a problem with getting paid very little, they tell you that you have a bad attitude and that you must not be teaching classes to the best of your ability. They want you to constantly try to get other women to buy into their franchise, and ostracize you if you refuse to do that. Our center owner has filed for bankruptcy 3 times due to this franchise, and the previous center owner I taught for filed for bankruptcy as well. Jazzercise, Inc does not care about this as they take their 20% of income via eft off the top. 20% CFF is one of the highest fees of any franchise.

what do you mean "you have to

what do you mean "you have to pay $50 bucks to stay on the books?" That can't be right??

This information is

This information is incorrect. You need to check your facts. I am a very successful owner/instructor and this is absurd.

It's correct.

You have to pay $50.00 minimum a month.

$50 to stay on the books and $500

And you have to pay $500 a month to stay on the books if you are a noninstructor owner. Go figure.

That's $6,000 a year.

That's $6,000 a year.

Jazzercise, Inc. was founded

Jazzercise, Inc. was founded by Judi Sheppard Missett, a professional jazz dancer. Missett was born in Iowa in 1944. As a toddler, she was pigeon-toed, and had to wear leg braces. Her doctor recommended the little girl take dance classes as therapy, and she took her first class at the age of three. Apparently her talent was evident from the beginning. Her mother especially encouraged young Judi, though it was difficult to find qualified dance teachers in the small town of Red Oak where the family lived. So her mother recruited dance teachers to settle in towns within driving distance of Red Oak, testking JN0-303 promising the recruits a place to teach, students, and offering her own bookkeeping and costume-sewing services. By the time Missett was ten years old, she was teaching dance herself. After she graduated from high school, she moved to Chicago and enrolled in the theater and dance program at Northwestern University. She began focusing on jazz dance, studying with the choreographer Gus Giordano. She traveled widely with touring shows, and ultimately began teaching jazz dance classes for her mentor Giordano. In 1966 she married a television news reporter, Jack Missett, and had a daughter, Shanna, in 1968. testking 642-566 Missett's professional career had taken her all over the world, and she continued to perform. But she also began to focus more on teaching. She was troubled, however, because so many of her students dropped out of her classes. These students were typically young mothers like herself, or married housewives. They wanted to take a class for the fun of it as well as to keep fit, but they did not have the ambition to become professional dancers. Their choices were either to take a high-powered class like Missett taught, or to take a calisthenics class. If the dance class was too demanding, they dropped out after a few weeks. Their other alternative, the calisthenics class, typically had only soft background music, testking 000-071 and Missett imagined it was dreary. Around 1969, she began developing jazz-based exercise routines that she thought fit somewhere between the two extremes. Her classes were meant to be enjoyable, musical, and good exercise. She did not critique form, as in a professional dance class, and she used a room without mirrors, to reduce inhibitions.


I have been a Jazzercise instructor 14 years and have also worked as an aerobic instructor for various fitness centers, YMCAs, etc.... and here's the thing: You don't make any money.

The rate an instructor is paid hasn't changed much, if at all, in 20 years. ($15-$20) Every year my account tells me that either I've broken even (Yeah!) OR like last year........"you spent $350 to teach"'s time to retire.

It's fun to teach but doesn't make any business sense.

It's true, instructors do not

It's true, instructors do not make much money - but you need to also calculate in that you are not paying to take classes or paying for a gym membership. So if you love teaching, performing, laughing, entertaining and motivating - then become a Jazzercise instructor and get paid to work out and have fun doing it.

So your paying to work...

So your paying to work...

I don't understand this

I don't understand this comment.

There is no way you can make money out of Jazzercise.

Barbara Jorgensen's picture

It's too bad Jazzercise doesn't make money

I've always loved Jazzercise.  When I have been a member of  big clubs I always signed up for the classes.  I use to make the 6:00 a.m. class.  More fun than the equipment. 

Successful Franchisee

I'm not familiar with any stipulation about posting on boards such as this, so I will try to reply with a few points to your questions having been a Jazzercise Franchisee since 2003.

- The fees for EFT charged to the franchisee are extremely competitive and reasonable.

- Monthly fees can range from state to state, but the average is about $31/mo.

- Reselling of footwear & clothing is permitted, but the franchisee is responsible for any additional permits/licenses needed locally for this. There is no incentive from Jazzercise Inc to sell these items, therefore it's done as a convenience to customers rather than a sales gimmick like some other franchise operations.

- The new Business Only Franchise created a couple of years ago does allow one to be a Jazzercise Franchisee without needing to become an Instructor. Details on this can be found at

- Many of your other questions are very subjective to each individual case and owner, so I can't answer those and feel I've given you the whole picture. One thing I can say is those who say "you don't make any money" or words to that effect, in my opinion are simply not following the business model and/or are only looking short-term. I.E. Wanting to sign the agreement and make a great profit the next week. Anything worthwhile in life takes time and elbow-grease, so those people, and i've met quite a few, are not willing to work for the rewards.

Lastly, I want to comment about the recent Franchisee Meeting with the mirrors. It is true, each of us were given a small pocket mirror, so that each time we feel the urge to point a finger elsewhere (so is the American way), we first look at ourselves as owners before quickly saying "oh it's the economy" or "it's because of (blank)." Many times, WE are the reason that things are going well or not well, but rarely do people want to take accountability for their own successes or demise. The mirror bit I thought was a very creative way to get the point across. I still have mine right under my computer monitor :)

It's a great franchise with low start-up costs that I would recommend to anyone that is looking to make a change in others' lives and getting paid to do it at the same time. I haven't looked back and it's been 6 great years.

Hope this helps.

Successful franchisee

The jazzercise "business model" is based on fantasy accounting. The 20% rent, 20% associate pay, 10 to 15% advertising budget, 20% franchisee fee is a fallacy. The numbers simply don't add up as the model does not take into account the equipment, the insurance, the music, the cost of the promotions and all the little goodies we have to give customers, Case on point way back when when jazzercise opened their first corporate center in Irvine in 1988 they were charging instructors 38% rent to teach there. I know I was one of the instructors there. Obviously jazzercise was not applying its own model....... Regardless it is a fun occupation but certainly not one that anyone can live of.

reply to: By Guest 2009-03-13 12:26

Honest feedback is important, but I do prefer your positive (and honest!) comments to the negative ones of others. I agree that the start-up costs are low, and a lot of your success depends on whether you can reach out to people and give them what they want, which are a few simple things: a healthy lifestyle, a great place to socialize every week and a sense of of belonging in a friendly, safe and comfortable environment. That's what I love about jazzercise, and that's what I hope to deliver one day. :)


Thanks for your comments on this franchise. I have been thinking about a franchise for some time and am looking at Jazzercise as a possiblity once I move to a new state for full-time income. I realize there is alot of work to be had. I appreciate your honesty.

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Why do you need a franchise to do this?


Is the brand name really that valuable?

Look at how long Jazzercise

Look at how long Jazzercise has been around as a franchise, now you tell me if its valueable or not???

Jazzercise franchise

It has been around for 40+ years, but it is best not to look at this as a business that will necessarily be profitable for you. Be very careful before you put your money and time into this franchise.
Be there - done that.

Jazzercise franchise

Oops! I meant to say, "Been there - done that." Although some franchisees, especially those in larger cities, have been successful, there is a tremendous drop-out rate of people who aren't able to make this franchise work. And it has nothing to do with whether or not they are following the "business plan." The reason the franchise keeps on going is due to the never-ending recruitment of new franchisees - a very active part of the marketing strategy. And franchise owners are expected to conduct this recruitment on a continuing basis. There is much more to owning this francise than meets the eye upon first glance. If you do decide upon the franchise, you would do better to be an associate or substitute instructor, rather than a class owner. Even at that, I would say that you should not necessarily look at this as a money-making venture.

I completely agree with this

I completely agree with this comment. The lack of success of this franchise has nothing to do with following the business model. That is what Jazzercise wants the center owners to think. There are very few successful franchises out there. The only way to make money at this is to have classes in a free church and nobody in this day and age wants to sign up for that anymore. The centers have NOT been successful. Jazzercise completely uses the instructors, especially the subs to make a fortune off of their sweat, literally.
Jazzercise preys upon women who love to work out, but who do not necessarily have much business sense or background. Jazzercise is only supportive of instructors and center owners until there is a problem, and then they will not contact you or help you resolve any problem, they will just tell you that you are not following their "business plan" correctly, or that you are not teaching WOW classes. They offer no support to a struggling center. They are focused on their image only and will not help out a franchise if it is having problems.

I completely agree with you!!

I completely agree with you!!

This is correct. Do not have

This is correct. Do not have this franchise with 20% royalty each month. You won't make money forever.

I don't think people will

I don't think people will understand what 20% fee means.

Basically, you pay tax roughly 10%. I saw some business people moved for few % lower tax.

Plus, you pay 20% fee (royalty each month). Normal franchise fee is 5-10% maximum or lower.

Basically, this franchise

Basically, this franchise won't sustain longer.

People move to Yoga and Pilates nowadays, not aerobics.

Open Yoga place yourself without going through franchise.

Jazzercise franchise

I am in the process of pursuing a Jazzercise Instructor franchise. I am meeting with a gal in our area who has been in the Jazzercise business for 21 years. In March, she will be opening her 3rd Jazzercise class at one of our local fitness centers and is seeking instructors. In June, I will be retiring after 34 wonderful years as a Speech/Language therapist in the schools. I will not be depending on Jazzercise for full time income but am concerned about some of the comments on this site. As a retiree, I certainly do not want to lose money on this venture. Were you an instructor? Were there many instructors in your area?.I have attended Jazzercise classes in the past and really enjoyed them. I have actually taught aerobics in the past as an independent contractor. Thanks in advance for your reply

Jazzercise and income!

I am a veteran 22 year instructor and also a public school teacher. I own 17 classes per week and teach anywhere from 6 to 12 of them. Thank goodness some are low impact. I DO make money and pay my associates more than what has been quoted here.
: )

Jazzercise franchise

I am in the process of pursuing a Jazzercise Instructor franchise. I am meeting with a gal in our area who has been in the Jazzercise business for 21 years. In March, she will be opening her 3rd Jazzercise class at one of our local fitness centers and is seeking instructors. In June, I will be retiring after 34 wonderful years as a Speech/Language therapist in the schools. I will not be depending on Jazzercise for full time income but am concerned about some of the comments on this site. As a retiree, I certainly do not want to lose money on this venture. Were you an instructor? Were there many instructors in your area?.I have attended Jazzercise classes in the past and really enjoyed them. I have actually taught aerobics in the past as an independent contractor. Thanks in advance for your reply

jazzercise franchise

I was a franchisee for 4 years. I had to eventually quit due to a few health problems, but probably would have quit anyway. I LOVE jazzercise and always wanted to be an instructor, but the cliquish-ness mentioned by others is true, for the most part. I didn't "own" classes, rather floated for several class owners. I eventually gravitated to only one class owner who is great, but after having to miss so much teaching due to two different surgeries, i was no longer really wanted, and corporate requires an instructor to teach at least four times per month. I know the owners barely break even, and as a floater, it's impossible to make a profit. The requirements by corporate are ridiculous. Instructors own NOTHING. Have to buy only Jazzercise outfits, which are crazy expensive, buy your own music, though several instructors figured a way to chip in to buy, copy and share the music. You need to buy a new mic every two to three years at $300+ and so on. the time it requires just to prepare to teach is crazy. You have to invest at least 2-4 hours per week just to practice and learn one set for a class, then teach for an hour and get about $12. Then there are the other ridiculous fees: sub fees, insurance, you name it. The only ones making money here are Judy and Shanna. And quite frankly, Judy is a joke. To watch her do her routines is laughable. The woman doesn't even follow the safety tips we were supposed to teach. She's essentially become an unspoken joke among ALL instructors, but GOD FORBID one should ever make even the slightest negative comment about her to others. You will be blackballed. Tried to return to Jazzercise as a student, but it was too hard. comments and looks and obvious bias toward my new weight gain, scrutiny about how I moved, that I was trying to show up the instructor...sorry, I learned how to do it the CORRECT way. If only corporate could see what the instructors do when they aren't watching! They cheat like crazy, use the routines and songs they WANT to use, and make fun of corporate constantly. There are a few instructors who subscribe to the cult mentality and hang on Judy's every word, but for the most part, instructors are bitter. All in all, a great dance/exercise program, but a very poor business plan.

You are right on...Jazzercise franchise is a joke!

You are RIGHT ON! After taking jazzercise for 3 months I was approached by every instructor I took class with to become a Jazzercise instructor. I am a AFAA certified aerobic instructor, have taught dance for over 15 years, was a high school and college get the picture I was qualified to teach. : ) When I signed up and was asked to pay my fees, the district manager said it will be $2,000 dollars. I very nicely said, I think the contract says $1,000 if I pay before July 1, 2012...checked the contract and I was was only $1,000. Well, it was clear this district mgr ( a relative of the owner ) did not like being corrected. I worked on my audition routines..and they were flawless. I participated in two pre-audition workshops where i was told by all 3 leaders that i looked great and would make an amazing instructor. I got to the Carlsbad audition and we were told, no matter what you do don't stop. There were 10 women auditioning and 2 of them stopped in the middle of BOTH their routines! I felt so sorry knowing they would fail. I got up to do my 2 routines, smiled, performed them flawlessly, talked about low impact options, muscle groups..while performing routines. The other girls clapped when I was done! When I was called in to get my results I was told I was "not ready" by the woman running the audition. I was flabbergasted as were the other women! The 'judge" looked like a zombie delivering the news. Could not give me ONE example of anything done wrong..she could not it was flawless. Oh and the other 2 who should have failed because they stopped? Passed right through! So i called this district mgr and told her this was insane and I wanted to audition elsewhere. This time Vegas. Same EXACT thing happened...told how amazing I was by EVERYONE..sailed through audition only to be told by a woman who acted very odd. She delivered the news like a robot...I was "not ready" and when I said what are you talking about?? She referred me to the district manager. By now the light bulb went on. I made the district manager mad by questioning the fees and she was going to make sure I was blacklisted by the organization! This was confirmed to me by a friend at their corporate office. So here is my advice; unless you want to be a part of an organization that is run like a dysfunctional sorority, don't get involved. They set forth strict rules for YOU to follow, yet they don't! Do what I'm going to do, become a certified Zumba instructor and open up shop 2 doors down from a jazzercise location! It is MUCH better and way more popular...none of the ridiculous rules or women who conduct business on an emotional level rather than business level!

I agree with this comment.

I agree with this comment. If you've never been a Jazzercise instructor then don't jump into owning classes/center owner. Pay the money to become an instructor ($1000), buy a microphone (average $300), buy insurance and sub fees (appx $240) and then teach as a sub for a full year, at least. Make sure you love Jazzercise enough to teach it before you own it.

I hate their music.

Always Cheap Loud 80' Pop or country music. Worst part? You have to pay for this.

Being a Jazzercise instructor is not like working at restaurant. At restaurant, you will make money from day one. Jazzercise? You have to pay lots of money to them to be an instructor. Then, how much do you make? $8-22 an hour, basically minimum wage. Actually, it's not even minimum considering the money you invest.

Please realize one thing: Aerobic with Boom box is not trend any more. Meditation, Yoga, Pilates are trend. You won't be able to see anyone under 30 in this business.

That is funny. Have you ever

That is funny. Have you ever even been to a Jazzercise class? I guess you haven't, because we certainly don't use any 80s music, or a boom box, nor have we ever used a boom box. It is music you hear on the radio, the hits of today, mixed with country and jazz. Our artists include Katy Perry, David Guetta, Michael Buble, Black Eyed Peas, LMFAO, Jason Mraz, just to name a few. Go and actually take a class before you spew off things that aren't true!

Not funny at all

I was a Jazzercuse student for years and years and loved it when I was in my 20's and 30's. I'm in my 50's now and tried to return to class a few years ago, While I never saw a boom box, I did not care for the music, it's obviously Shanna's taste and contains far too much hip hop. After being gone for so long, I found the classes to be like a cult, and the instructor was definitely into herself and basically taught to her friends instead of to the group, Jazzercise promotes itself as being a safe workout, but I never saw much injury prevention being demonstrated. Several women dropped out due to foot problems and I found all the jumping, pounding and lateral movement to be hard on my feet and knees. I tried to return to class a few more times because I remembered all the fun I used to have back in the day, but it just wasn't there any more. I was also lifting weights at the time and traininig hard at the gym, and there were also instructor put downs in regard to people who had gym memberships. I found that laughable because my gym membership was less expensive than a month of Jazzercise, and I had access to so much more. I would expect an instructor to be in denial in regard to any notion that the Jazzercise program may be flawed, but believe it or not there are people who don't like it, and I am speaking the truth.

I didn't know the artists

I didn't know the artists names. All I found was their musics are loud and tasteless.

This is one rude franchise not concerning neighbor businesses.

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