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At Jim’s ‘Almost Everything In Service Franchising’

Editor's note: This news clipping has turned into a long public discussion on Jim's franchising companies of Australia. As such, it has been converted into a public discussion forum, which are long-term discussions on big issues or franchise brands. - Mr. Blue MauMau

A year ago Jim’s franchising apparently consisted of 2,700 franchises in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Britain, with a turnover of $200 million. In just one year Jim Penman now reports 2950 franchises with an approximate turnover of $250 million.

Jim's Service FranchisesJim says his turnover is ‘a very small percentage but obviously it's a very large pie.’

Jim Penman, 57, began his original mowing operation in 1982 with a local leaflet drop. Times have changed and while Jim’s franchising has a remarkably small advertising budget with ‘about 29’ different franchise products under the Jim’s brand they are all out there on the road creating a huge public presence.

Jim’s franchising is said to involve a very small investment for franchisees compared to other brands of similar public profile. The franchisee complaints that have been reported have contained allegations that the investment level could not justify the cost of pursuing the franchisor in relation to profitability and support grievances.

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Jims ex coo sacked again

Received a call to say Neil & his side kick are departing as managers of a division within the Jim’s Group in a few weeks.

This time for almost managing a division to the point of negative growth for over 2 years what a surprise.

They have overseen over 180 from 365 franchisees fail in business in 15 years, this as a direct result of their system, which cost $150,000 to setup compared to other similar business at $55,000.

Let’s see if Jim’s new manager can turn the division around by Christmas.

Fact Checking again

Again your get your facts incorrect.

They left this week as they have jobs outside the Jim’s Group.

CEO Neil Welsh Sacked

Jim Penman sacks his CEO Neil Welsh and side kick mate James Jacka. The pair lasted only 8 months before Jim found them wasting time & money upsetting his franchisees. Jim's stepped in before he was lynch by his own Franchisor & Franchisees group.

Interesting reading

It is very interesting reading all of these comments about Welsh, The Ivers, Jim's Test and Tag and what happened. Some of the comments are close to the truth and some are so left field its not funny. How do I know all this you may ask? I was there and I saw it all happen. Am I going to state the facts on here? No.
Its all in the past, but if you were to ask me who did I trust out of Welsh, Ivers and Jim? I would say none of them. They all seem to have no trouble climbing over people to get where they wanted to go, and this is why I am no longer part of the group.

So far from the truth

Neil & James were partners with Jim and the partnership was dissolved at their request and on good terms. Both are still actively involved in the group.

Neil was never CEO but COO, considering the lack of accuracy in your post why would we expect you to get any detail correct?


Interesting, not only in franchising does he mess with your mind but now a pill to sort us all out, Go to the Jim Penman the Truth website for direct link:

Jim also wrote a book. It’s called The Hungry Ape—Biology and the Fall of Civilisations and Jim self-published it in 1992. I managed to track a copy down on Amazon, and it makes for some interesting reading. The front cover shows a photo of a gorilla superimposed over a vista of skyscrapers. Amazingly, it didn’t sell many copies.
Reading The Hungry Ape is like stepping back in time. Jim has this idea that different races and ethnic groups have distinct “temperaments” decided by attributes he refers to as “Restraint and Vigour”.
Jim believes that “Restraint is the temperamental basis of civilisation,” and can account for the domination of white European ethnic groups over the past few hundred years. All of the other races have lost out because they lack either Restraint or Vigour, or sometimes both. There are lots of comparisons between black people and baboons, and even more about Jews and rats.
The book reads like a bad piece of propaganda, or a weird eugenics experiment. At best you would call The Hungry Ape the scientific equivalent of racial stereotyping. Here are some of the highlights:
“Jews have traditionally been far more inhibited, more driven by anxiety and insecurity… The key to their success has been high Restraint, which has been linked to their trading skills as well as hard work.”
“Black sexual behaviour is freer, on average, than that of whites. Unemployment is higher and occupational success lower, reflecting, alongside racial oppression, a lack of high-Restraint work ethic and commercial skills. Rates of crime are higher, because of the reduced respect for law and authority in lower-Restraint groups.”
On Aboriginals: “Unsuited in general to the discipline of academic study and of many jobs, they have become a poor-underclass. A high proportion are unemployed and the rest are in menial jobs.”
Jim is concerned with altering the Restraint and Vigour of the ethnic groups that he believes have been dealt a bum hand in the epigenetic stakes. He wants to make the blacks more restrained and the Jews more vigorous, he wants to change the Aborigines personality so they can function more effectively in “our society.”

Not to sure if this is meant

Not to sure if this is meant to be funny or serious more importantly the guy is seriously cuckoo!

Staggering reading I do note

Staggering reading I do note the comment on Mrs Jimbos site under the vice link she mentions Dunning Kruger effect and it is interesting to note this quote by Charles Darwin "Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge"

Jim Penman and the new Book

A cracking new read and expose about Jim Penman and his so called successful business the story covers everything from family life to treachery, deception and the hypocricy of the man, the book is authored by the now famous Mrs Jimbo and it is called 50 Shades of Jim - Who can I terminate next? Volume 1, expect another volume? Published by LULU Press.

Jim Penman The Truth3 new Mrs Jimbo site

I found the book linked to the new Mrs Jimbo jimpenmanthetruth3 dot com the reviews alone are intriging so it is an obvious must by the looks of things! I have ordered mine!

The site is now gone and I

The site is now gone and I can't find a copy of the book anywhere!

JIm has to be kidding

The Chinese are modest individuals who reside modestly in Taiwan. They devote little on personal things and on clothes too. As for clothing, a single dress would usually be worn each of the year if it is enough to keep it clean and dry. Consequently, in Taiwan persons put on very simple and comfortable clothes at home and at work.

New investors for Jim's Group

This is an interesting video of Jim looking for new investors. Good luck with that project!


Very good John, I think Jim needs a better PR Company, the recent article in the BRW, his appearance on Today Tonight and story not long back in the Age, says to me that this guy really needs to improve his PR long before even thinking of investors. Family feuds, staff turnover, franchisee revolts sounds to me like you would have to have rocks in your head to invest with this guy!

Jim on Franchisee Support

Jim Penman, founder of Jim's Group in Australia, discusses the importance of supporting franchisees


Excuse me while I get a bucket and empty my stomach

Why would someone post a

Why would someone post a video of jim talking about 'supporting franchisees' - when ex franchisees are blasting him for the non support below?

I notice that Jim has put on two new divisions recently; Dingoes & Glass restoration. I wonder how long until they are mentioned on this site?

Ha update i see, dingoes now

Ha update i see, dingoes now diggers, glass bearley surviving, new divisions, Jims Security and Jims Removals from looking at the below failed divisions Security tried and now retryed again, Removals tried and now retried again talk about a revolting door. One wonders how these were sold "the last division franchisees were useless but you will be much better" till of course they fail again!

Jim's wouldn't want a survey

Jim's wouldn't want a survey done on there franchisors as the last one taken showed that the founder Jim penman should stand down.- also check the litagation on Jim's at the moment.

As an ex franchisee in the

As an ex franchisee in the test and tag division i have many positive memories of the Ivers as my original divisional franchisors. While i didn't agree with everything they did i believe they had great integrity and they truly believed in their system.

When they were shafted by Jim Penman (and Neil Welsh) I believe that James Ivers called every franchisee in the division to tell them the news which is more than could be said of our newly installed grand poobah. To this day i don't believe any franchisee has been deemed worthy of being told what actually transpired at the time or why the Ivers were booted out.

A lot has been said on this forum and in other media about how Jim Penman makes arbitrary changes to the contracts of his franchisors and then threatens them if they don't like it..... (the old like it or lump it scenario).....well, welcome to the world of a test and tag franchisee! While Neil Welsh doesn't actually make changes to existing franchisee's contracts, for legal reasons I imagine, he does go through the back door and make arbitrary decisions and changes to the operations manual which all franchisees are obliged to follow because it's in their contract! At times this had the direct effect of over riding one of the most important parts of the contract, namely the 'right of first refusal' in your own territory. When our regional franchisor was challenged on this he metaphorically threw his arms in the air and called in the big guns....enter Neil Welsh....again. And his solution?....."If you don't like it, you know what you can do....."

So people, give em hell because there is more than one rotten apple in the Jim's barrel.

Ex Tagger comments

Note that all franchisors are not like Jim, however, unfortunately, all have to act like Jim to stay in the game. Jim will remain whilstever greed and power is the underlying motive as many others also do not have the capacity to survive any competition that is equal.
By ex taggers comments he has been exposed to the incompetence and beligerent disregaurd to business ethics and total disrespect for franchisees by Neil Welch. By comments made it would appear that Neil Welch selected the right regional franchisor, that is greedy and not real bright.
Limitless would be the scope for franchisees and franchisors to expand if the ethos preached was actually practised. It is time for the real franchisees and franchisors to stand up and be counted to remove the tirany and pure uncaring selffish greed of the minority.

Test and Tag

Just joined Express test and tag much better then Jims

Sinking Ship

As a keen kayaker if anybody wants the throw a life jacket to Jim,,the PFD1 will keep his head above water, the PFD2-3 will only Assist floatation, just a little tip when purchasing a life jacket.

What i would like to know is when is the vote coming up to say yay or nay to Jim ?

With the UK stuffed and Canada not far behind it could be Australias turn just around the corner ?

What a business model that

What a business model that would have an International Master Franchisee broke after a couple of years. Seems to be the standard operating practice of the Jims Franchise system . Screw them over for a few 100 thousand all the while knowing that failure awaits.


Jim's Group business divisions that have failed
1 Alarms 2000-05
2 Appliance Repairs 2001-08
3 Concreting 2003-05
4 Earthworks 2004-05
5 Garden Edge 2003-05
6 Graffiti Solutions 2007-08
7 Heating & Cooling 2003-08
8 Irrigation 2002-06
9 Marie's Mobile Hair 2003-05
10 Mobile BBQ 1999-2006
11 Motor Vehicle Repair Service 1999-2000
12 Pool Care Retail 2003-09
13 Preggi Bellies (health and fitness for pregnant or post-natal women) 2002-04
14 Road Training (driving instruction for learners) 2000-07
15 Sand, Soil & Gravel 2001-02
16 Wardrobes 1999-2006
* List excludes other short-lived trialled divisions specialising in pet enclosures, locksmiths, removals, pest control, beach houses, balloons and roller shutters.

Yes ask the Iver's about the

Yes ask the Iver's about the so-called successful "business model" what happened to them?
Read Jim's contradictions in the Mary Ann Toy story in the Age - this reporter nailed it!


As a franchisee under the Ivers I would agree with some other comments, they may have been lovely people, except when pushed & than you saw another side of them, which was not so pleasant & not particularly good at managing a fast growing division. Our division has grown in leaps & bounds since the Ivers left & Neil Welsh has had control, it has been the best thing that could have happened to my business.


OK Neil, shame you can't speak up about other issues instead of looking like an Easter Island Statue at various meetings!

Neil w comments

The Easter Island Statue is a carbon copy of Jim. That is a hypocrite. Easter (as in bunny) publicly praises Jim but in meetings will totally demeanour Jim. Jim, keep the bunny in front of you as he sees your back as a target.

I don't know the

I don't know the Ivers,however if they are not equiped to successfuly run their business is'nt it Jim's responsability to help them as this is what they payed a lot of money for. Is it right to simply take their business and investment away from them? As a franchisee if your franchisor decided that you did'nt run your business as well as they felt that you should would you expect your zor to terminate you or help you succeed? Why does Jim have two sets of rules? One for the frachisee and one for the zor?

I don't know the

Ivers termination. Jim says it was because of the franchisees?. Jim says he spoke to franchisees?, how many?, was it two as suggested by Walsh?, was there a vote by all franchisees?. How many franchisees were there?.
Jim says Division sold to Walsh for $100,000 of which Ivers gets $80,000. In this thread on 04/09/2009 by Jim Penman titled Valuation, Jim states that the Test and Tag division was sold for $360,000 with 20 franchisees a couple of years ago.
Is this the same sale that Walsh purchased for $100,000 or has the division beeen sold again two years ago?.
So if Ivers was renting and paying a monthly rental, and Jim could see a cash sale of $360,000 direct into his cash pool and Jim received one or two complaints, would that trigger an agenda to take the cash?.

expansion theory hypothesis

I was given this web site today by a colleague. So far I have read about space ships, vented spleens, combantants and contestants. As a keen writer and reader of the big bang theory, maybe we are about to see another or will it be the creation of a black hole as Jim implodes and sucks the life out of those closest to him?.
Hypothesis and reading between invisible lines. What if Neil Walsh was one of the people Jim spoke with and they conspired to remove Ivers and Walsh to pay Jim $360 grand but only tell Ivers he gets $100 grand for the sale. Jim gets $280 grand net in the sky rocket, Walsh gets the Division from which he will make millions and they both get sadistic satisfaction of sticking it up Ivers?
Oh well it's only a hypothetical theory calculated on unknown anti-matter.

expansion theory hypothesis

Getting very warm grass hopper?. Ignore franchise codes as they are designed to go in circles.
Publications indicate potential fraud if Jim Penman and Neil Welsh's word can be believed. Jim says Test and Tag sold for $100,000 to Neil Welsh and Ivers received $80,000.
Neil Welsh says 33 franchisees at time of sale. Equals average $3030 per franchisee which is way under market value?. Jim also says Test and Tag sold a couple of years ago for $360,000 (same sale?) an average of $10909 per franchisee, which is nearer the market value as also described by Jim. If sold for $360,000, Jim gets 20%? equals $72,000 and Ivers $288,000.
Somebody has been short changed $208,000? (Ivers reportably received only $80,000). Was this by joint conspiracy or accessory afer the fact or lies told to intentionally mislead the public, officials and Ivers?.
Where is Ivers missing $208,000 dollars if Jim can be believed?.
Who is going to be first to admit to intentionally misleading the public and Ivers, Jim Penman or Neil Welsh?.
Who will be first to approach the Department of Public Prosecutions and turn witness for the Crown to apply for clemency?.
Did Jim pocket $20,000, $72000 or $280,000?.
Was there a conspiracy to devalue franchisees?.
Was or who bankrolled Welsh for the purchase?
Ex tagger said there was a blanket blackout on explanations at time of termination and sale?.
Was Welsh a part of a conspiracy and has maintained that conspiracy?.
Was Ivers paid $80,000 or $288,000?
Let's all see collaboted figures. So far Jim has shown two sets of books, which one is correct Neil Welsh, $100,000 or $360,000?. FOI can be applied for on Companies.

Funny thing is, they never

Funny thing is, they never paid for the division. They were only renting it from Jim.

Not so funny

Ivers developed the product and invested everything he had into Test and Tag. Only one error of judgement, he believed the public persona about Jim and placed his trust in Jim.
Irrespective if Ivers was renting or had re purchased his own interlectual property, Jim still stole the Division without having to invest anything. Jim has several OBE medallions and awards and these were all gained by Other Blokes Efforts.

Yes but why let the truth get

Yes but why let the truth get in the way of a good story? Seems to be a lot of this theory going around.

Ahhh.....there's that

Ahhh.....there's that selection thing again!

Everything carries Jim's name, until there is a problem?

Pay the money and sell franchises and all is OK - right Jim?

Stall with sales or get enough (which is never defined) complaints..."goodbye - you are the weakest link"

'Next victim to the counter please?' 'Ca-ching'.....that lovely sound of the cash register turning over

Maybe you should speak to the

Maybe you should speak to the franchisees who operated under the Ivers as Divisional Managers and see how they felt about them - they were quite simply terrible franchisors. Nice people, but terrible franchisors.

What just the two?

Two out of how many franchisees?

"Neil Walsh, who bought James and Heather Iver's division after their contract was terminated, says that at least two of the Ivers' franchisees were dissatisfied with their management."

Maybe someone should ask Neil

Maybe someone should ask Neil what he actually said, it would appear that the reporter has taken some liberties with the quotes attributed to him.

I was a franchisee under the Ivers' reign and was not disappointed with Jim's decision to not reappoint them in the Divisional role.

Ask Neil

The point is being missed by a manipulated smoke screen. If Jim and James Ivers had a differing view and Jim terminated Ivers, then that is between those parties.
However, Jim clearly states that he was acting for the franchisees at that time. My ex was never asked to vote either for or against Ivers performance. As such my ex and (now) many others object to being labbled as the reason for the dispossession of Ivers Division from him.
Jim's public display as the Robin Hood for franchisees is designed to receive support (without examination), however, look who the real financial beneficiaries are from his foray.
Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim and Jim.
Jim, you keep saying you have balls, well try and combine balls with the truth and leave out the spin. Play with a straight bat.
If you sacked someone because they didn't meet your goals than say so. If you sacked someone because the regional franchisors voted out, then say so. Don't hide behind franchisees and let them take the blame.

But JIm will never do that....

Jim is only concerned about Jim. That is a fact

His charade has been exposed, and from experience. the law means nothing so long as his ego and power remain in tact "Little man syndrome"

Laywers shake their head in disbelief at his antics, but they are forced to advise clients to back off because the cost can never justify the means.

Jim knows the rules. knows the game, and plays it to his full advantage. The law is meaningless when most can't afford it



The A grade imbeciles post below has already been questioned and countered previously, like all Jim supporters you are slow and a liar with no consideration for someone elses plight. May your ears turn to arseholes (again) and shit on your shoulders!

A grade imbeciles

LOL that call, " May your ears turn to arseholes (again) and shit on your shoulders!"

is legendary haha.



LMAO - great call!!

Grow Up

Grow up and welcome to the real world. If you can't stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

Paul Carr has the option of taking legal action and the courts will decide the outcome. It is clear that the only reason he is trying to get the media involved and starting up his website is because it is obviously not going well. If he was confident about the outcome, why wouldnt he wait until he had won and then shout about it?

I'll wait until the courts decide based on FACTS, but patterns of behaviour are very good indicators as to how someone thinks he is going and it is clear Paul Carr is struggling.


Sure Jim!

I wonder if "Little Paulie ex

I wonder if "Little Paulie ex mate" believed Jim's offer (via print media Chalpat Sonti article) to fund any class action against Paul?
Sad if any UK zees believed that porky, because poor Richard H who is struggling with paying the costs with the legal fees (maybe this is where you got mixed up ex matey") and can’t afford a lawyer, he asked Jim for help so Jim offered him - which is mighty white of you Jimbo - offered Richard a minimum fee holiday "ohhh how grand and generous"
Even though Richards’s lawyers said Jim should be paying for this - dropped like a hot potato I would say, wouldn’t you?

What transcript like this

What transcript like this Jim's Franchisor?

"As it stands, my
solicitors are no longer acting for me as I am simply not in a position to
pay them. They have suggested several times that Jim's Group should foot
the bill but having spoken with Jim a couple of times that is clearly not
going to happen."

Little Paulie Under The Spotlight

This is very clearly a lesson in how much negative publicity one disgruntled franchisor can cause.

Unfortunately for Paul Carr, once you turn on the spotlight, it invariably turns back on you and here it comes, Paul.

I haerd a rumour that he engaged in a very abusive telephone call with a legal representative who hung up on him. So enraged was little Paulie that he then drove 100 kms to the Court he is about to be dragged before and proceeded to abuse the Clerk of the Court because no one would do what he wanted.

The words "moronic imbecile" were bandied about, although were probably more applicable to the utterer of those words than the recipient.

Now the Clerk of the Court told the Judge who has taken a dislike to Little Paulie and now that he has allegedly bypassed mediation, his chances of winning have plummeted.

He has been hit with a court fee of 600 quid which he hasn't been able to raise yet and that car of his that is supposed to be getting repaired is allegedly with the repo man pending a significant outstanding payment coming through very soon (don't hold your breath repo man).

The house is next, as he will be losing that to pay legal costs, a fact Mrs Little Paulie may not be aware of just at this moment in time, although I understand that correspondence addressed to her has been prepared. That will be a fun topic for conversation for Little Paulie when he gets home that night!

Apparently even lawyers are steering a wide berth from Little Paulie as he has been unable to find representation of late, primarily due to his dubious financial position and more dubious mental state.

Perhaps all is not as it seems with Little Paulie.

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