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Jim Delligatti's Big Mac Class

When franchisee Jim Delligatti, who passed away earlier this week, created the Big Mac in 1967 it was a clear illustration of the high value of two-way communication within an organization: from frontline to corporate, from corporate to frontline. All too often the weak to almost nonexistent direction is frontline to corporate.

As he [Jim] told the Associated Press back in a 1993 interview, he wanted to share the wealth, so he headed to the corporate offices to sell the sandwich to leadership. But, as is the case quite often with big corporate entities, getting his voice heard and trusted by leadership was not so easy.

"They figured, why go to something else if (the original menu) was working so well?" Delligatti told the A.P. — Shelly Whitehead, Pizza Marketplace

It took two years for McDonald's leadership to accept the Big Mac.

This recounting exemplifies what some would argue is the most under-used, absolutely free resource available to all U.S. businesses today: An open channel of honest two-way communication between top brass and the troops on the ground. — Whitehead, Pizza Marketplace

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