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Journals Rank the Best Franchises

7-Eleven in Winchester County, New York
A New York 7-Eleven

Spring and fall: These are the two times of the year that the franchise industry focuses with great intent on selling franchises.It wants to move these business units before the summer doldrums and the winter holiday season.Spring 2012 is just around the corner. The media obliges.


Before you buy a business, you have to pick what sector has a rising tide. I mean, if you haven't heard, video tape is out and senior care is in. Katie Little of CNBC points out six sectors that are rising the highest:

  1. In-home senior care
  2. New car dealerships
  3. Pharmacies
  4. Sandwich & sub shops
  5. Gas stations with convenience stores
  6. Supermarkets


Ah but will you be able to sell your franchise in the future? After three years of ebb, this year's tide begins to flow back — the number of franchised business units are projected to go up by 1.9%, according to the International Franchise Association. Whoohoo! But one economist tells the Wall Street Journal that such optimism is just trade association hooey talk, especially if the price of gasoline goes above 2011 levels. He's not alone in his naysaying attitude. A leader of a major franchise lead generation portal tells Blue MauMau that from his vantage point the IFA is off.

Meanwhile, the government paints an inviting picture. The Utah Small Business Administration district director Stan Nakano uses a broad brush in the Salt Lake Tribune saying: "[Franchising] is a good alternative for somebody who might have limited resources." He adds, "You have guidance in the startup phase, and there’s a business model that has already proved to be successful."

That is unless, of course, either the franchisor or franchisees go under tomorrow. Then technically speaking, it no longer has proved to be successful.


At least three journals come up with their recommendations of best franchises to buy.


All Business


#1. Snap-on Tools*


Hampton Hotels

#2. 7-Eleven



#3. Aaron's Rentals

Jimmy John's sandwich


#4. Panera Bread

Dunkin' Donuts


#5. Servpro

Kumon Learning

Days Inn

Only one brand made all three lists – 7-Eleven. That must mean something, right? Now if I could only get my gas station with a 7-Eleven. What's that you say? I can?!?

*Note: The publisher admitted that it made a mistake with the metrics of Snap-On Tools so in this author's opinion, it should no longer be ranked #1. It's competitive at the top.

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