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KFC Fires Worker After Pubic Facebook Post

Not since the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings has there been so much pubic debate.

The KFC franchises in Cardiff, Wales were previously most famous for having the hearse with a coffin try to fit through the drive-thru.

Now an employee misbehavior has gone viral.

The story began with KFC employees getting angry with a customer who told the drive-thru worker that she needed to smile more.

An employee then posted on Facebook:

After over hearing the way you spoke to my girl on the head set be picking pubes out your teeth for a week.

KFC says that the posting was "a prank" and that there was no pubic hair placed on the food. The employee has been fired.

Just to be on the safe side, if you are in Wales and have a yen for KFC, don't ask for "crispy" or "rotisserie" but instead ask for Brazilian.

And don't ask for a can of Coke.


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