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KFC Loses $10M Salmonella Lawsuit

An 11 year old Sydney girl has won her case against KFC after a salmonella contaminated ‘twister’ left her with acquired spastic quadriplegia and a profound intellectual disability. Monika Samaan will spend the rest of her life in a wheel chair.

The family's lawyer, Anthony Bartley SC, told the court that Monika Samann had been an extremely bright and active young girl before her illnessABC News

No damages have been award as yet and KFC are to appeal the judgement accusing the young girl’s father ‘of thinking KFC might be an easy target’.

Anthony Bartley SC, presented evidence about KFC food practices that were "disturbing and unsettling".

"If the store was particularly busy, then even if chicken dropped on the floor... it was on some occasions simply put back into the burger station from where it had fallen."

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