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Koutsantonis: South Australia Law Is Go!

Tom Koutsantonis MP"Mum-and-dad investors need protection and we need to offer it. We are not going to stand by, waiting for the Commonwealth to step into this space."  Following yesterday’s release of the South Australian Economic and Finance Committee’s Supplementary Report into Franchising the Minister calls for State franchise legislation ‘within weeks’.  

According to Small Business Minister Tom Koutsantonis South Australian franchising legislation will be introduced within weeks to protect small business ‘mum-and-dad’ franchise investors.

The Minister stated that claims of duplication of legal regimes were ‘rubbish’ and questioned;

Who could possibly be afraid of (introducing a requirement for) negotiating in good faith?

The South Australian push for protection of small business franchise investors has been a comprehensive drive beginning with Tony Piccolo MP in 2007 and eagerly taken up by the South Australian Parliament amidst some spiteful lobbying by the Franchise Council of Australia.  

This is my fourth year that I have been doing this. It will happen. You can mark my words – this year is going to be a good year. SmartCompany

West Australian franchisees are now calling for common sense to prevail and for the small handful of hold-out West Australian Liberals to revisit the various Franchise Inquiry recommendations now referred to again in South Australia and in consideration of the WA positive review of that Committee’s Terms of Reference.  

The South Australian Report outlines the Australian Federal Inquiry recommendations and how the Federal Minister for Small Business at that time sidestepped the critical recommendations that, on the basis of submissions and perceived concerns, were clearly the common sense response and are now tabled as the WA & SA Franchising Bills.

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