Legal claim & allegation

Lawsuit allegation and claim from franchisee against the franchisor

Company Insider Files Whistleblower Complaint against Domino's Pizza

A corporate insider has filed a well-documented whistleblower report with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against Domino’s Pizza, its top-level officers, and various staff members. The complaint states serious allegations against the franchisor related to the circumstances surrounding the company’s misconduct. It lists, “Fraudulent investment scheme; general trading practices; manipulation of security; insider trading; material misstatement or omission in company’s public filings or financial statements; and bribery.”

Ex-Manager Sues Planet Fitness Claiming Sexual Assault, 'Debaucherous' Work Culture

A former manager at Planet Fitness headquarters filed a civil lawsuit late last year alleging she was drugged and raped by a corporate director and “his friends” during a business trip to California, which she reported to the Portsmouth, New Hampshire police, and Hampton-based Planet Fitness.

7-Eleven Ex-Franchisee Sues Marks & Klein for Malpractice, Negligent Legal Services

After three years of litigation with his franchisor, a seasoned multi-unit 7-Eleven franchisee has sued his lead counsel and law firm for malpractice, alleging the attorneys placed their own financial interests above his and did not live up to their fiduciary obligation to protect him as a client, one who was unsophisticated in legal affairs.