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I am considering a MAACO franchise in Florida, all I can find on them so far has been relatively  positive. does anyone have recent experience either positive or negative with starting a new MAACO franchise?

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How Much???

How much can these thieves steal from you? Pretty much everything. If you are stupid enough to buy into their franchise - they own you. They spend a whole lot more on beating you down than they do helping you. Makes more sense, as long as they have another sucker lined up to buy one of their crap franchises, they already have your money, why should they actually perform. Help you be successful? That might cut into their profitability. Find the next sucker/franchisee to fleece.

Stupid Tax

I too ruined my life with buying a MAACO franchise. Don't be stupid like the rest of us. If you read this it is not too late for you.

Thieves with MBA's

Advertising? Questionable - generally if they aren't making their bottom line fees go in their pocket vs. paying what you as a franchisee are paying them for. Royalties? you can't afford their franchise fees. You pay thousands each week - twice a year you'll get someone, who never ran either a maaco. or a legitimate shop show up for a couple hours. This franchise is crap. Who cares when you're losing your life savings? Certainly not the unethical MBA's running the show. They deserve their bonuses while you go broke. Not me fault? Some guy in Colorado who paid 1k 30 years ago made it work. Why can't you? Thank you for spending you retirement savings with us. See you in court - in another state where you have no chance because of course: you're broke because you bought a crap franchise, and Maaco has an unlimited amount of money more focused on screwing you over than investing in making your franchise work. Why should maaco care? They already ripped you off. If they can move on and sell another franchise - while you lose your life savings - so what - they made their bonus.

Reading the comments here, it

Reading the comments here, it is painfully obvious that one fatal flaw has developed in the Maaco system. The production auto painting industry was invented by Earl Scheib to fill a niche. He recognized that it is not efficient and therefor not profitable for a conventional body shop to paint cars at an affordable price. That has not changed. I've seen several comments about how Tony Martino developed a good system and then turning around and blaming Maaco corporate for their failure as business owners. They may be half right. After Tony's death, Maaco started pushing collision repair services on their franchisees and it is no coincidence that they have been on the decline ever since. Collision work is inherently more expensive and therefor gross sales (and royalties) increase. The production paint model exists solely because collision shops are not designed to operate in a manner that makes doing cheap paint jobs profitable. So how does pushing collision repair suddenly seem like a good idea to anyone other than the people who are getting their cut of the top? Of course it makes sense to Maaco as it is a huge boost in royalties, but a fundamental principal of production auto painting is volume of cars, not ticket average. I can take you to shops right now (not Maacos) that paint a high volume of cars at low prices and are extremely profitable. most of these shops run AROs in the $500 range, but some as low as $300. I actually start painting cars at $250 and make a vert healthy living doing it. I was brought up old school in the industry and live by the golden rules of production auto painting. One of those is that you don't make money on parts. We always had to deduct parts from our sales as though they don't exist. Now I just avoid selling parts. Its easier. The other is that it does not matter what you charge per car, the only thing that matters is how many cars you can get through. Just like Scheib and Martino intended. It worked then and it works now.The idea that you can be both a collision shop and a production shop is the business equivalent of schizophrenia.

Brilliant Response.

Most people don't look at the basics behind the business they want to enter. You beautifully encapsulate the nature of the auto-painting business as I know it to be and you identify what happens when corporate management changes. Most often, the son/daughter that takes over from the founder, or the kick-ass CEO who is hired to "take the corporation to the next level" is simply unable to recognize that none of the basics need to be changed and nobody has to run around urinating on shrubbery. You have placed your finger on the problem and frankly - people reading here should be sending you a consulting fee.

You're Right!

You hit the nail on the head. I'm not blaming Maaco Corporate but when you have rusty cars and delamination on every panel, how can you paint a car for an ARO of 3-5 hundred? The people that are attracted to the Maaco Marketing "Give Away" have cars that should have had attention years and years ago. So out of the 5 that comes to your door, MAYBE 2 would qualify. We pay for in house marketing week after week that does not bring traffic to my shop's door. The old "Half Price" sale no longer works. My premise is there are a lot of nice solid cars out there that we can paint at a fair price that we can all live with but these "Marketing Morons" keep dragging us in to the lower class of the world.

Smoke and Mirrors

What do you do when your career is nothing but smoke and mirrors. If you are President of Maaco you disappear. Less than five years in his "leadership" role Jose Costa gets out.

Don't you go worrying about Mr. Costa though, I am sure he churned through enough franchisees to get healthy paychecks and bonuses through his few short years with Maaco.

Too bad as a franchisee you can't cut short the 15++ year commitment you made to Mr. Costa. Don't worry, chances are you'll be out of Maaco in less than 5 years too. But of course you'll be Bankrupt.

Something tells me Mr. Costa

Something tells me Mr. Costa will not be investing his wealth in any of the Driven Brands family of franchises as an "International" multi-unit franchisee.

It is a very messed up world

It is a very messed up world when, a rock-star executive can quit with no notice, but if you are foolish enough to buy a business from him, and most likely invest your life savings, you have made a 15 year commitment that will result in a lawsuit if you try and salvage your life.

Good Luck


As long as nobody holds the owners of Maaco / Driven Brands accountable for selling crap, for their own personal gain. they will just keep pumping and dumping. Hint: everyone pays 10K+ for a "Grand Opening" Reality - everyone gets a 50 dollar banner and then forgets about the 10K because they are losing their butts trying to make their new Maaco looser work.

Maaco financially ruined me. I have lost $750,000

I finally was able to sell my Maaco and get out after nine years of losing big money. A company is buying up Maacos for dimes on the dollar because so many are in really bad financial shape. I have never made a penny in nine years of ownership. I had to turn mine over to my son and go back to work full time just to keep pumping more money into it. When I started my Maaco I had five house, two of them fully paid off, A retirement plan, and three 401Ks. I also had about $350,000 in the bank.
Now after nine years I still have the five houses (I couldn't sell because of the liens for the SBA loan) but they all have 80%+ mortgages on them, my bank account is zero and all but one of my 401Ks are gone. The one 401K I still have is from a job I took in 2011, and I have had to hit it several times too,
I now am finally free of the Maaco nightmare but as a parting gift I now have $80,000 in credit card debt to pay off, all went to Maaco. So now that I can sell my houses I am doing so and even after selling all of them, and using the proceeds to pay off Maaco credit card debt, I will still have about $20K in CC debt.
So anyone who is even remotely considering a Maaco as an individual owner should first, get a psychiatric evaluation. If you pass that then you need to be 100% committed to losing everything you have ever worked for and contemplating suicide and or bankruptcy many times.
Oh and corporate cannot care less if you are making or losing money. You pay your 8% franchise fee no matter what. They absolutely will not even reduce this by even a dollar to help you out.

Need your opinion

Could you call me to talk about these maaco franchises. I've read all the negative comments about this franchise but would like to talk with a previous owner. My number is 201-468-9218. Text if you can also.


Check the bar graph from this Entrepreneur ranking.

Clearly shows how stagnant they have been for at least the last ten years. Reality is even longer. All they do is churn through franchisees. No growth, just need a steady stream of new owners to fleece and Corporate stays in business. They are losing franchisees in Canada and have no Company owned shops.

How much is the Maaco churn?

"All they do is churn through franchisees."

What is Maaco's franchise churn rate, or franchise unit turnover rate, as calculated by their latest Franchise Disclosure Document?

I agree with you. This brand looks like a zombie brand -- i.e. stagnation and no growth. Evidence of a zombie brand would be big discounts in store resale prices. I would imagine that Maaco owners are having a tough time selling their old stores at a decent price.

cover up?

The problem with trying to extrapolate anything from the FDD is, as with anything this Franchisor does, they are experts at manipulating the data in their favor.

When you try to derive their churn rate you have to dig deeper than you are able from what they provide.

First big problem is they reuse center numbers. What this means is you can not tell how many times a location has churned over. For example they may have a shop assigned unit M0078. Looks like the shop has been in business forever, number 78, well that shop may have turned over 10 times. Looks historic and successful from their disclosure.

Second big problem is they do not have to include earning for any shops that do not report 2 weeks or more of earnings during the year. Generally shops do not report earnings because they can not afford to pay the royalties. So the data you receive in the FDD is very skewed. The bottom 100 shops or so are not included.

Yes, they have 100-200 shops that struggle and have stayed in business. The reality is the bottom 250 are the constant churners, whether resale, new and failed, walk away, etc.

What is the franchise turnover rate filed w the govt disclosure?

What is the FDD figure?

The FDD and its various categories in Item 20 account for the change in ownership, although the general public may not be able to see it. Even if Maaco is inaccurate in their government filings about the changes in location ownership, it's a better place to start than the nice round number that you've seemed to pull out of thin air -- the bottom 250. What are the reported numbers?

From there we can then fine tune it to see if there is a fudge factor. But we need the official numbers first. What are they?

not out of the air

There is a graph at the bottom of the page linked below quoting source "Maaco disclosure document 2016". If you follow their math 23% over 3 years. So every 7 years the bottom 250 churn top 200 remain. Of course this is rough because a few of the top 200 flip too. It means they sell a lot of franchises with no overall growth.

At one time they claimed "800 franchisees" because if you are married they make you suck your spouse into the agreement. 400 franchises = spouse + spouse = 800 franchisees. pretty slick right?

simple approach to churn

The simple method would be, if Maaco provided accurate information. How many franchises have you sold and resold this year? Since they are stagnant, and have been for so many years, the churn rate is every franchise sold each year.

side note

Just a side note. They do not have unit growth in the past three years as reported. The additional units are what Maaco calls "satellite stores". Since so many of their shops do not draw enough business to make a Maaco shop viable, they have 30+/- stand alone sales offices that are not shops but are sales kiosks. An ancillary sales office in a strip mall etc. trying to funnel customers to a shop. These satellites are included in the statistics as additional locations. Most of these additional sales offices do not generate enough additional business to the failing shop they are meant to support, and do not justify the additional rent, staff cost, etc.. Just an additional expense to the Maaco franchisee, additional revenue to Maaco Corp. and a way to pad their falling shop numbers.

Good side note

Good note that gives color to the numbers.

How much are the reported number of franchise and franchise churn numbers?

Great Franchises

They have spent the last 4+ years, buying, acquiring, expanding, but the one thing they have not achieved is growth?? Maaco had more franchises in 1998 then when the current group took over. These jokers have acquired, sold and re-sold 1,000 franchise licenses - for net growth of - hold on -zero.

Good Luck


In the last 10 years Maaco has churned over 1,000 franchisees. They only have 500 shops? 200 are established. Good luck, Churn and burn - Franchise is crap - consider buying a quiznos or blimpie or curves - pretty much the same thing - Good luck,


I wonder why none of these franchising corporate rock stars never leave their jobs to own the franchises they sell? They just seem to move around every couple of years pumping their resumes with all kinds of non-quantifiable accolades. They all move around as a crew. Why are a bunch of Burger King failures - they are all former executives of Burger King - traveling as a corporate crew? Why do none of them invest in the franchises they are managing/selling? What do they know that we do not?

Scam Artists

These folks are typical scam artists. Ten years ago the big thing was rebates. You pay up front, only to find out later that you did something? wrong that disqualifies you for receiving the rebate. Bumper special for 129 after 50 dollar rebate. Who falls for that rebate crap anymore? The hacks that run corporate Maaco just keep recycling old bait and switch campaigns. Do you know how hard it is to "up-sell" customers on this crap?

When you go to buy into Driven Brands the powers that be will be selling you on their ability to innovate and how they are taking things to the next level. The reality is they are just a bunch of overpaid hacks trying to sucker you into an outdated business model.

Your business fails, they still make their bonus. Rebate on you franchise fees? Good Luck!

Stagnant Brands

Funny that a company would call itself "driven" when the only growth they have had is through acquisition. Maaco reached its peak in 1998 and currently only has 450 failing shops because they have admitted that a single shop is not viable. You will need to buy a second license, for an additional sales location, somewhere removed from your actual location., they call it a "satellite" sales office in order to make your initial investment viable. 450 shops when "driven" took over 5 years ago - 450 shops now, burned through 400 +/- owners just to keep the numbers going. Woo-hoo just give the executives your investment and walk away, you will be better off than dealing with these "MBA" theives that do not own their own business.

Buying a Maaco Franchise

My partner and I are looking to acquire a Maaco Franchise that has been in operation for nearly two years. Would you be able to spare some time and speak with us?

Not to buy into Driven Brands.

As a victim of Maaco / Driven Brands I am happy to tell my story, play devils advocate, talk you out of anything to do with this Horrible Company. Please provide contact information.

If we do not get in touch you have to ask the question: Why is someone who spent a year or so opening a business and now only two years after making a 15 year commitment wanting out?

"Been in operation for nearly two years" is not a positive. Most small business fail within 5 years. Open for less than 5 and the business is still a start-up.

These folks at Maaco are professionals at CYA, well versed and heavily armed with Lawyers. Anything they say will be positive yet vague. Weigh everything with very heavy skepticism.

Your next best line of defense, rather than me talking you out of it, find a small local bank with a commercial lending department and loan officer who is a longtime local resident. They will be invested enough in the community and knowledgeable enough to talk you out it.

thanks for the comments

I saw Maaco on a Boss episode.. sure makes you think they are a well ran organization with lots of opportunities. After reading these comments, I have a different outlook on the possibility of inquiring on opening a franchise. As a corporate executive in the IT industry for 20 plus years, I will hold onto my money and look for other business ventures.

I think they fired that Boss

I think they fired that Boss episode Maaco guy!!

This is a dying business

The truth is I was a franchisee owner of this similar arena . When you drive down the freeway it city streets the cars on the road our all newer the do not have delamination or peeling paint like the 1970s 1980s 1990s where earl schieb miracle maaco made good money . This business is all drp to insurance company's car star, and all the big chains our hooking up with insurance company's . If you our not doing over 90 percent collision and some commercial work you will go bankrupt . This production business was very profitable in the early years now do not buy into it you will lose your life savings you out better off being a service writer for a collision shop for couple years they can make up to 75,000 income and you will have liability and can sleep at night

This totally makes sense

This follows the old as time adage "adapt or die". The delamination that was more common back in those decades you mentioned is not prevalent today. Things change, processes get better, therefor a niche that needed to be filled before, now no longer needs to be filled. What did MAACO do to change with the changing times? I've owned several businesses in my life (current owner of Madison Moving Pros ) and every single time I've been bull headed and not changed, my business has suffered. I was also in the painting business (mostly residential and commercial) and I considered moving into the auto body industry but decided against it after looking at how the auto manufacturing industry was evolving. Paints and clearcoats were getting better, things were becoming more plastic, etc... Ultimately I decided the risk wasn't worth the reward.

Also, I've never understood why someone would want to get into a franchise. Yes they may have some appeal in certain aspects, but what happened to just starting your own business from the ground up? You don't need to rely on anybody but yourself and you own grit and determination. Just my 2 cents I guess.


A Juxtaposition:

Driven Brands, owner of Maaco, acquires a second automotive collision repair and automotive paint franchise. With the acquisition of Carstar they have added an additional 240 Body shops to their Maaco network of 450. However the Carstar network has an initial franchise fee of 5,000 to 15,000 and pays royalty fees of .75% to 2% of weekly sales.


The initial Investment in Maaco is 250,000-350,000 with ongoing royalties of 8-9% weekly and additional weekly advertising contributions of $850-$1,500.


Further they have just added an Initial Public Offering Executive to their team: Brian Nicholson

After being bought sold and “invested in” by three private equity firms in the past 5 years and no member of C-level executives with a tenure of more than 4-years is this a Company worth investing in? Or just another pump and dump?

Initial Public Offering Guy

Initial Public Offering Guy has left the company.


The new contracts being offered in the Driven Brands system have redefined the franchisor as an SPV that has no employees, no real liquid assets and assigns all franchisor responsibilities to affiliates. Then they require a general release/covenant not to sue for any past, present or future actions taken by those same affiliates. The potential for abuse without reasonable remedy is enormous and makes this investment a non-starter in the opinion of anyone that is paying close attention.

Maaco is good

You can be very successful with a Maaco run properly. Sitting at the shop writing negative views will probably bring a lot of money in the door!

how well can you do?

If you are Maaco you get a 8% to 15% discount on parts, just like any independent shop depending on volume. The discount is meant to be your profit / contribute to your overhead. Maaco takes 8%-9% on parts for franchise fees, including parts. How do you overcome that? If you are a high enough volume shop you can negotiate a better discount volume on paint and materials than what Maaco offers. So you pay them a premium on parts and materials. Where is the math on your profitability and "very successful"? What is your definition of success? Not going bankrupt like the other suckers you went to training with?

Customers and franchisers

I have received a very poor full body paint from Maaco store # M2416. Have had my 97 Merc Cougar back 4 times and more than 50% of the issues are unresolved. I have honest to GOD issues with the car. Not trying to be tricky or get over. Thought maybe a call to Maaco corp could help get me and the shop back on track. Long story short, the Maaco corp can't, won't and is unable for whatever bogus reason to help and or fix a warranty job for a customer. So now I begin researching all angles of Maaco. It's a terrible thing I am reading here. Maaco Corp. doesn't care to get into the fix and support their own blood line. Get some cash and then kick the franchise to the curb. So, I am out $2500. But a lot of the franchises are out hundreds of thousands. How can this be allowed to continue. Franchises need happy customers and franchises need to be supported with a real back bone. Unfortunately, especially for the pride filled hard working shop I won't be using Maaco. Not to mention the years of negative talk. What an unproductive cycle. Wish I could help to improve the situation.

Not as good as it used to be

I've been with Maaco for 34 years. As an owner for 22. At one time this was a great franchise. Tony Martino built a good business model. If you worked hard, paid attention and developed a good crew, you could be successful. I am and I know many that are as well. I also know many that have failed. Because of Maaco? Maybe. But the three that come to mind right off hand, didn't follow the Maaco guidelines. Tried to go too far off on their own and didn't seek help. One owner in Va Beach never went to meetings or the convention. I offered several times to have him spend time at my shop and I offered to visit his shop. He did come right by my shop to test drive a new Dodge Challenger when they came out, but never stopped by my shop. What does THAT tell you about his priorities?

I've built my business up to where it is now by working hard. 12 hours a day or more when needed. I've got a good, experienced crew. My shop is I-CAR Gold Class certified. Not many dealerships or other independent shops are. We have several DRP insurance relationships. We put out nice looking work and nearly 50% of my customers are repeat or referrals.

Now, are there crappy Maaco centers? Yes. But does that make EVERY other dealership or independent shop perfect? Hardly. There are good and bad shops of all sorts. I see it weekly. Like the Ford Escape a local Ford dealer was paid to replace a frame rail and only straightened it. Major safety issue there, but I guess y'all are okay with that since it wasn't done by a Maaco.

Having said that, Maaco today is a far cry from what Tony established. They do nickle and dime us to death. If I were looking at buying a center today I'd probably pass. We don't have nearly the corporate support we did years ago. They've changed advertising companies 4 times in as many years. Bad choices, they say. Pardon me, but if you're so experienced, shouldn't you be able to make better choices? I have personally helped Maaco sell 4 other franchises. Two have flourished the other two have struggled. But seem to manage. The new regime has brought some good ideas to the chain, but their implementation leave a ton to be desired. We are only a commodity now. Driven Brands and Harvest capital (I think) that owns us, is only trying to build the chain and sell us off. Unfortunately, that is the way of big business today. I fear terribly for the chain I've grown up in and for the newer franchisees. If you don't have body shop experience, I don't believe this new group in Charlotte has the ability and foresight to take this chain further. They've cut back on corporate staff so bad there is no way they can support the number of shops. They're talking about 800-1000 centers by 2018. I honestly don't think that'll every happen.

Good luck to anyone buying one today. Tony Martino is probably rolling over in his grave.


Thank you for the informed unbiased assessment.
Any possibility of calling you to talk further before I invest in this endeavor
I have serious reservations 609 277 6651

Haha 800- 1000 Maacos by

Haha 800- 1000 Maacos by 2018?!? How's that working out. It is a joke. Typical of corporate bluster, Driven Brands not excluded. Where do they get these numbers - out of their tails? Yeah the company crapped when Tony died. How bout that Maaco Bowl!! Nothing but a paid excuse and a paid vacation to Las Vegas the week after Christmas for execs to enjoy themselves on the franchisee ad fund. Glad he was terminated!

"He" meaning Dave Lapps and

"He" meaning Dave Lapps and his buffoon mate Frank Costello

Maaco Bowl lasted for three

Maaco Bowl lasted for three years. However, the additional $70 weekly advertising contribution (designated as a national advertising fund) each shop contributed to pay for it has kept on being charged?

Frank Costello, there is a piece of work. After leaving Corporate Maaco Costello acquired three existing viable shops. He has since shuttered Maaco Aston PA no re-sale just closed. He rarely reports earning for Lawnside, NJ or Wimington, DE. Generally meaning he cannot afford the weekly royalties. It looks like he may have even shuttered the Wilmington shop. Could not have happened to a more deserving fellow. It also begs the question why hasn’t Maaco Corporate swooped in and saved these shops? Wait we know the answer to this one, Maaco can’t, won’t, doesn’t, save shops. They just do not have the expertise or manpower. Better to sell a new franchise.

“800-1,000 centers by 2018” Everyone is miss quoting this. What Maaco / Driven Brands means is, they will have to sell 800-1,000 franchises by 2018 in order to maintain the 450 +/- centers they have. In our market area, in order to maintain 12-16 shops over the past ten years there is only one shop continuously owned and operated by the same person. In that ten years or less 6 shops have been opened and closed without resale. 8 others have opened, some of which have already been resold and all the others have been resold at least once.

Incentive Compensation for Driven Brands and Maaco Corporate is based on their ability to resell Driven Brands as a whole for a profit, not for their performance in growing the business units or the profitability of the companies, just selling Driven Brands for a profit within a five year timeframe.
See court case.

They have resold twice so far and are looking to sell a third time by an Initial Public Offering.

Numbers do not add up.

Maaco sells 40-60 franchises per year and has been doing so steadily for 15 years. The current numbers for United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico are about 440 shops total "worldwide". They no longer have any corporate stores. Where have all these franchises sold gone?

Maaco Auto Painting & Bodyworks Franchise History
When did the first Maaco Auto Painting & Bodyworks open? 1972
When did Maaco Auto Painting & Bodyworks start Franchising? 1972

Year U.S.A. Canada International Corporate
2005 443 39 0 1
2004 443 39 0 1
2003 458 38 6 2
2002 464 41 6 2
2001 486 39 6 0

"Nearly 500 MAACO shops are currently in operation worldwide and as the automotive service market continues to expand, our franchisees continue to increase this number." source Maaco Franchising website.
Further from the website.
"MAACO dominates the automotive cosmetic paint market share at more than 45 percent."

How do you take a 45% share of a 50billion dollar industry with gross revenue of all 440 Maaco shops garnering less than .5% share of revenues?

Driven Brands LIke Selling Franchises

Just to give you a tip Driven Brands is in the business of selling franchises and donot support them like McDonald or other successful franchisors do. They keep changing owners every 2 to 3 years.majority of their franchisees are bankrupt and if you check they have more corporate stores or new owners.

More stats fewer and fewer shops

Franchise Units: Year* U.S.* Canadian* International* Company Owned*

2013: 416* 30* 0* 0*

2012: 427* 30* 0* 2*

2011: 425* 32* 0* 6*

2010: 438* 31* 0* 6*


Horrible Company Do Not Buy

Driven Brands / Maaco is a Horrible Company. Be sure and have a Bank, an Accountant and an Attorney talk you out of buying this Franchise. Make sure the Attorney reviews the Franchise agreement and forms Your future lawsuit against this Company when they do not deliver on what Maaco Corporate is supposed to. If you are foolish enough to buy, like I was, make sure you have a war chest and lawsuit prepared. Maaco has been stagnant at 420-440 shops for Fifteen Years. All they need is 50-60 suckers like me to keep their corporate doors open. 50-60 new shops a year 50-60 failed shops a year. All you need to do is work harder than the other guy. Wrong, what you need to do is have working capital of 300-400thousand in addition to what they are selling you and 50-80thousand in reserve for your pending lawsuit. Maaco huge mistake.

Former Maaco Owner

So you have an entire team of executives?? who could not achieve growth at a company whose annual revenues are $8.59 billion, which grew for the first time in three years by 2.9% after their absence, running Maaco? They were so succesful and proud of their former brand that none of them decided to own a Burger King Franchise.

Instead they all decided that their poor performance for Burger King would be great for the Maaco brand of 430 world wide franchisees. 8.59 billion to 450 million?? These managers did a bad job for Burger King and got kicked to the curb. Now they are running a body shop business.

Be forwarned, do not buy a business, Body Shop run by Burger flippers, with no experience. Do not go into business where the executives bailed after failing in their former Burger King business.

Finally but foremost never buy into a franchise business where none of their executives or operational personell become franchise owners.

Maaco is a Scam!

Maaco Insanity

In 2011 the Maaco propaganda machine published articles using this shop as a testimonial to how great it was to convert an existing collision repair facility to a Maaco franchise and all the benefits the Maaco "sytem"??? would bring.

Now this shop is just one of the many shop brought to ruin by Maaco.

Maaco Franchising, Inc v Kaloko Auto Body, Inc et al
Filed: March 12, 2013 as 3:2013cv00156
Plaintiff: Maaco Franchising, Inc
Defendants: Kaloko Auto Body, Inc and David L. Lelm
Cause Of Action: Breach of Contract
Court: Fourth Circuit > North Carolina > Western District Court
Type: Contract > Franchise

Are lawsuits the only part of the Maaco "system"??? franchisees can count on?

Will someone please do a follow-up article on this unfortunate shop.

Maaco has two year plan where

Maaco has two year plan where in with in two years if the franchise owner is doing good they will continue to work with him. If they are behind payment they will try to shut him down and sue him for monies . They resell it so that they can more money on franchise it is a scam . They have done that several times. So be aware of that.

Class Action

Why isn't there a class action lawsuit against this unscrupulous horde? It seems enough franchisees have been fleeced. Why hasn't our government pursued bad franchisors like MAACO? Who was is that prosecuted Bernie Madoff anyway?

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