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Mazda Targets Hispanic Voters with Japanese Ads

Mazda has decided to go after Hispanic buyers with Japanese language ads. Say what!? Yes, it's true. The company feels that too many Hispanics think of Mazda as Asian rather than Japanese, and a car that's Asian made just doesn't create the quality image that a Japanese made car does. Using Japanese language ads will remind Hispanics that Mazda is Japanese, even if the name itself isn't (the company is known as Matsuda in Japan), but the downside is that few of them will understand the ads.

You will understand much of this ad after you read the second paragraph below:

"If we get people to know that Mazda is a Japanese brand that is our first hurdle," said Russell Wager, VP of Mazda's North American operations. "Because the Hispanic community has a great affinity and trust for Japanese brands, equaling craftsmanship and quality."

The so-called "disruption" phase of the campaign includes a video [below] highlighting a baseball player, a sushi chef and a designer backed by a Japanese voiceover who says, "Who we are is defined by the generations that came before us. We are from Japan. We are from Hiroshima. We put the passion of a city into everything we do." The word "passion" displays in kanji. In the coming weeks Mazda will transition to more traditional Spanish-language spots. But kanji characters will still appear and the ads will include nods to Mazda's Japanese heritage, Wager said. — E.J. Schultz, AdvertisingAge

Full article and more Mazda ads in Japanese

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