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In Memoriam of Richard Solomon

One of the great pleasures of being a franchise lawyer is meeting great lawyers, and great people all across the country. Richard Solomon of Texas has been at the top of my list for many years, and so it is with sadness I learned Richard passed away,  peacefully, on May 19.

Richard was from the era when antitrust law was more important than it is now, before the Supreme Court made it substantially less relevant in franchising and dealership matters.  Richard was also from the era when the legal profession was indeed a profession more than a business, and he was from the era when a good trial lawyer could cross-examine a witness he met for the first time in the courthouse 30 minutes before the cross-examination starts.

Richard honored me several times the last few years asking my firm to co-counsel with him on challenging cases first in Chicago, then in Ohio and North Carolina.  The younger lawyers in my office never met anyone quite like him and they may not ever again.  For me, working with Richard was a throw-back to my early days and a reminder how much has changed in recent decades.

Richard Solomon was one of the great franchise trial lawyers, and a darn good friend.  He will be missed.

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