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Graeter’s Ice Cream Buys Out Last Franchisee

Founded in 1870 by Louis Charles Graeter and his wife Anna, fourth-generation-owned Graeter’s Ice Cream Co. has completed the purchase of 11 locations from its last remaining franchisee, Tedesco LLC. Cincinnati, Ohio-based Graeter’s has over 54 units in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

CEO Rich Graeter told me [Hannah McCartney, data editor, Cincinnati Business Courier] the buyback was for one simple reason: "Nobody can run a store with your name on it as well as you do."

Largest Planet Fitness Franchisee Acquires 19 Clubs around Phoenix

Planet Fitness’ largest franchisee, United PF Partners, announced yesterday that it has completed its acquisition of 19 clubs around Phoenix, Arizona. The large multiunit franchisee says that the acquired clubs can use some of their new capital to improve their facilities.