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Moby Dick: Franchisee Run Amuck

Here is a sad tale of a franchise leader gone nuts. To help us discuss the franchise owner leadership lessons in Moby-Dick, Mr. Blue MauMau speaks with Dr. Beth Schulz, professor emirita of English and Art History at the University of Kansas and Shaun Higgins, CEO of Movies for Business.

The ship Pequod, which Ahab captained, was a business within a business, much like running an individual franchise that operates within the business of a franchiser. And at the time Melville wrote Moby-Dick, America was in the height of being the world's leader in whaling for oil, much like the bulk of the world's major franchisers is centered in America today.

Yet, despite all the ships coming back to New England laden with lucrative whale oil to fuel the economy, Captain Ahab's ship met with disastrous results. Here is a discussion of Moby-Dick and its leadership lessons that franchise owners can learn from a scholar and business consultant.

Length - 14:15 min

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