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New ZOR called "Vehicle for Fraud"


Vehicle for Fraud ----Universal Luggage

Why doesn't someone look at the UFOC for Universal Luggage that Sean Kelly writes about. Sounds like another thief who will be licensed under a UFOC.
The SEC calls them a Vehicle for Fraud.

I guess the SEC and the FTC don't talk to each other, and even when the SEC can't collect the 20,000,000 from them, this Zor will be out there with his UFOC looking for marks.

What is going on here?

FTC Disclosure is NOT a license...Stop making things Up, Z

You are a fraud, sir. You demand truth and honesty and do not hold yourself to the same standard. You know that there is no licensing of franchising from the FTC.

Stop making things up, Z-Rube!

The UFOC is for prospective franchisees to read and understand, not for the "government" to approve or license.

The Lie of Ommission in the UFOC

Because the State and Federal Governments do not have to know what the transfers indicate in Item 20 of the UFOC's, the SBA Registry will contain many vehicles for fraud. Predatory franchisors can hide the failure rat4e of their business plans from both the government and new prospective franchisees and churn an appearance of viability.
The Franchisors, the banks and the lenders, and the government, apparently, is happy with the DEAL made between the franchisors and the regulators.
I see you missed me.

Personal attacks diminish the discussion

I'm new here and don't know Z-Rube from UTube. One thing I noticed on BMM is personal attacks derail important discussion.

Fine. It's not a license. To us outiders its just semantics. I clicked the link, read the story. A company with a fraudulent past and despicable management that defaulted on a $21M payment to the gov't and could be closed any minute is hyping its new franchise program. Its program was put together by a guy who just got out of prison for fraud. All of you insiders just post or accept their press release verbatim.

Isn't that what should be discussed rather than petty bickering?

Maybe you should read Z's rantings and then give him advice

on how to improve the dialogue? If you want to be hall monitor be my guest.

While it's "just semantics" to you it is an extremely important distinction to many of us. Franchising is serious business, a lot of money is at stake for all the participants and if you want to learn or contribute you better be less glib and flippant about details.

Z makes thing up and it is dangerous!

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Most of us agree with what you just said.

Richard Solomon

The hall monitor speaks

Another thing I notice is that BMM regulars transport their bickering across every thread, regardless of the subject. It sidetracks threads, makes the site boring and never rises above bickering.

This thread is about the danger posed by Universal Luggage and Universal Express. Got an opinion on that? I'd love tohear what experienced people think of this.

Seriously, why not post an article about the dangers of how Z and his kind makes things up. Get in-depth. Expose the lies. Insider refernces on unrelated posts neither prove your point nor further the usefulness of this site.

Ms. Glib, Hall Monitor


but the rest will probably call you a bastard.

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I enjoy the good fortune never to have met my parents and to have no relatives save my daughter. But I have been told that most families have someone like like Z somewhere - usually locked away in a back hall room or "in a home". 

While I agree it would be nice if posts were more reasonable than some of them are, we are guests at this function, and as such, have to experience the antics of the resident BEAUZEAUX.

If you think he's ugly, you oughta see his sister.

Richard Solomon

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