Francorp's Philippine Franchise Findings Feel Fictitious

After a somewhat tumultuous relationship with franchising and a history of questionable business ethics, Francorp is once again using highly debatable statistics to sell the concept of franchising.  As franchising continues its global march, it appears the same discredited information used in the U.S. is being employed in other countries to perhaps sway unsuspecting potential franchisees.  Will the opportunistic placement of one sentence in, possibly, multiple articles make franchising a more credible concept in the minds of the Phillipine public?

In a recent study of decade-old businesses conducted by Francorp Philippines, the franchise developer reported a 92% success rate for franchised shops, in contrast to the 17% survival chance for traditional retail stores.

While not questioning the financial viability of the franchisor mentioned in the article, do these statistics accurately portray franchising's overall success?  Does it take in to account whether those same "open" franchises have changed hands, perhaps multiple times, due to previous owners' financial failure?  Numerous studies commissioned by and performed by U.S. Government agencies have reached a different conclusion than Francorp's study.

Between the tactics used by franchise salespeople and loan consultants, do potential franchisees stand a chance?

Francorp's around the world

Francorp's around the world have a history of 'bending' the truth.


Are they even still in Business? I do see there website up, but they don't list any personnel and all of their seminars are now on-line.

The Return of the Mummy

Yes, it is hard to believe they are still in business. I guess it would take more than a silver bullet to kill Francorp. Don Boroian is like the Mummy. He just keeps coming back from the grave. Francorp owes the IRS, sub-contractors, ex-employees, and many others much more money than the company could ever generate for years and years. There are only about a half a dozen employees left at the beat up office in Olympia Fields, IL, and these folks are late on receiving many paychecks. Two of those employees are grandsons of the Mummy and neither of them have ever worked in the franchise industry. That doesn't stop them from giving clients advice on how to set up and run their new franchise companies. If any cash is coming in it can only be because new clients who come under the Mummy's spell don't take the time to learn the checked history of the company until it is too late. Watch out for the Mummy! He just keeps coming back!