Attorney General Eric Holderer Announces Oil Price Manipulation Investigation

Attorney General Eric Holderer announced today that, now that President Obama's place of birth has been confirmed, Donal rump's investigators have been freed up to turn their attentions to the oil industry.

Holderer is recalling these investigators from Hawaii and Kenya and will deploy them in Texas to seek out evidence of wrongdoing in connection with hte price of petroleum products today.

spell check?

spell check?


In Australia we had the franchising regulator tied into 'Petrol Watch' which followed on from 'Grocery Watch' that came just after half a dozen other 'Watches'. Oh they watched for such a long time and regularly reported. They were good at reporting. Then one day in the forrest they came out and admitted they could not do a bloody thing about price manipulation. And then went back to watching and reporting on nonsensical inconsistencies that 'may or may not be in breach of the Trade Practice Act' but since the oil companies were prepared to argue no one thought it was worth the fight. Can we borrow Donal rump.