Fast Food Agrees to Limit Cheese

Fast-food chains are saying that their burgers are loaded with just too much tasty cheese. They plan to voluntarily scale back, despite what customers may want to order.<!--break-->&nbsp; Here&#39;s the breaking news from the Onion.</p>
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Too much onion and I just

I just cannot deal with too much onion. And now they say cut back on cheese and then before you know it there goes lettuce and that other promising additive all replaced with the new soylent out now in two flavours; vegetable and meat and available on a handy bun like roll or in a piece of cardboard shaped like a cup. Communities everywhere will of course congratulate fast food for its never ending commitment to employing the elderly while we remind ourselves to include in our daily intake at least 63 supplements including dairy.  Remember; good health is someone else's business and fast food usually involves a much bigger capital investment and with an obligation to cheese.