Curves Bought by Private Equity Firm North Castle Partners

<div class="photoright"><img alt="An old closed down Curves Fitness" src="/sites/default/files/u9/Curves.jpg" style="width: 330px; height: 330px;" /><div class="caption">A shuttered Curves Fitness</div></div>
<p>Josh Kosman of the NY Post has reported that the Heavin family, the Curves founding group, has sold to private equity firm North Castle Partners.</p>
Kosman&nbsp;<a href="…; target="_blank">reported</a>&nbsp;that the franchisor company&#39;s EBITDA has fallen from $65 to $20 million. The terms of the purchase were not disclosed.</p>
Curves, and mostly the franchisees, has been plagued for some time with fitness center closures.</p>

This is old news

It happened months ago. Not sure why it is just getting reported. Avon offered Heavin around 600 million many years ago, but Heaviness was so greedy he wanted a billion and to be on the cover of forbes.