Rival Brothers and Teams Butt Heads at Super Bowl 2013

NPR's Mike Pesca joins PBS News' Jeffrey Brown to discuss what's at stake going into the upcoming Super Bowl in New Orleans on Sunday. The two coaches, brothers John Harbaugh of the Baltimore Ravens and Jim Harbaugh of the 49ers, will butt heads trying to outmaneuver the other.

Speaking of butting heads, concussions are a big controversy this year for the NFL and how to make the sport safer.


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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Head Injuries

BMM Note: NFL Chairman Roger Goodell had a press conference on Friday, February 1 in New Orleans. This is what the press asked and what his response was:

The President recently said he would think twice about having a son play football, if he had a son.  He also said that fans need to examine their conscience about football.  Is there a deeper-rooted problem with the game and its safety than the NFL might have realized?  How can the NFL deal effectively with such problems?

“Well, the issue of player health and safety has always been a priority in the NFL.  We will continue to make it a priority.  You have our commitment.  The players have our commitment that we will do that. I started playing the game when I was in fourth grade, tackle football in Washington D.C. and I love the game of football.  I started as a fan, but I wouldn’t give back one day of playing tackle football.  The benefits of playing football, teaching you the values, teaching you character, teaching you how to get up when you’re knocked down, how to work with others, teamwork.  They are extraordinary lessons in life that I use to this day.  I welcome the President’s comments because it has been a priority and we want to make sure that people understand what we’re doing to make our game safer, not just in the NFL, but throughout sports.  The changes we’re making in the NFL, I think, are changing all of sports.  There is better recognition of head injuries, of treating them conservatively, and that affects every sport, beyond sports, to your children playing in the playground, to our troops overseas.  What we’re doing is leading the way to try and make sure people understand that you need to treat these injuries seriously.  We can make our games safer, as we have done. I believe that the changes that we’re making to our game will make football better.  It will make it safer.  It will make other sports safer.  We’re proud of our accomplishments and we have more to do, but we will not relent on this.”