MARKETING: Popeyes Co-Branding Shrimp Success

Popeyes July LTO of Zatarain's butterfly shrimpThe art of marketing is fitting old and new products together like pieces in a puzzle.

  Nation's Restaurant News reporter Erin Dostal writes marketing insights into how and why Popeyes has been able to make its limited time offer of Zatarain's butterfly shrimp a co-branding hit.

"It does attract a consumer who's looking for non-chicken items," he  [Hector Munoz, the Popeyes’ vice president of marketing] said.

Popeyes is far from alone in its co-branding ventures. As my colleague Mark Brandau wrote earlier this month, there are lots of ins and outs to choosing the right co-branding partner.

But, when done right, co-branding can help an LTO stand out among the rest.

At Culver's, Reese's was a good choice because there was a "quality and integrity fit," according to David Stidham, vice president of marketing at Culver's. The co-branded item, a Reese's-flavored Concrete Mixer ice cream dessert, even has its own advertising tagline: "The creamiest way to enjoy at Reese's."

"There are a lot of benefits to partnering up with other brands," Munoz said. "We're always exploring new things. There's a whole war chest of brands we think would be a good fit [for partnerships]."

It's all about the fit.

Look at how the themes come together in Popeyes current commercial (below).