Tilted Kilt Multi-Unit Franchisee Parts Ways with Franchisor

Tilted Kilt glass door

Sean Cahill, a former Tilted Kilt franchise owner who says his company was once their largest franchisee, has separated from that chain and is regrouping under his own Rustic Barrel brand, with six locations so far.

According to Dan Dearth of the Herald Mail Media, Cahill told the Board of License Commissioners for Washington County, Maryland, during a hearing this past Wednesday that "The brand Tilted Kilt is going through a lot of issues." He added that declining sales forced him and a lot of other owners to close across the country.

An email from the Tilted Kilt corporate office to the Herald Mail Media asserted:

"This independently owned and operated franchised location was terminated for breach of contract," the statement said. "The franchisees are no longer licensed to operate any Tilted Kilt business. The Tilted Kilt brand continues to operate with other independent franchisees in White Marsh and Frederick, Md."

Washington County Circuit Court records show that AC Restaurants Hagerstown LLC [Cahill's company], doing business as Tilted Kilt, was ordered in September to pay Valley Mall [in Hagerstown, Maryland] a total of $252,480.82 — $205,783 for unpaid rent, $9,897.82 for pre-judgment interest and $36,800 for reasonable attorneys' fees. — Dan Dearth, Herald Mail Media

Cahill has no plans to franchise. “I don’t want anybody to mess up my brand,” he says.