Tim Hortons Ousts Another Prominent GWNFA Franchisee

Tim Hortons meal. Photo by Hyougushi, flickr.com

Right on the heels of franchisor Tim Hortons ousting of Mark Kuziora, a leading voice in the Tim Hortons franchisee group Great White Northern Franchisee Association (GWNFA), another franchise owner, David Hughes, has been unceremoniously dumped from the chain, losing his four Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, restaurants with four minutes notice. Hughes is president of GWNFA.

Oakville, Ontario, Canada-based Tim Hortons is owned by Restaurant Brands International Inc. (RBI), which is also the parent company Burger King and Popeyes. RBI in turn is controlled by Brazilian private equity firm 3G Capital, known for its aggressive cost cutting drives.

"Tims" has locations in the U.S., but is strongest in Canada.

“I believed RBI has specifically targeted me in order to hurt the Great White North Franchisee Association,” Hughes said. “Since our inception, the association has shone a light on many practices and policies that are detrimental to the individual franchisees and the chain as a whole. In relieving me of my stores, RBI believes they will put an end to the association, but it will continue to be the conscience of the corporation and the brand.”

In a statement, Tim Hortons said that the action is related to violations of the franchise agreement and not anything to do with Hughes’ position with the GWNFA. — Jonathan Maze, Restaurant Business

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