Cracks Appear in United Facade of 7-Eleven National Franchisee Coalition

7-Eleven convenience store & gas station

About 12 of the 44 local franchisee associations belonging to the independent National Coalition of Associations of 7-Eleven Franchisees (NCASEF) are expressing concern about two pending actions against the franchisor, its president and CEO that they feel may be going too far. Seeking understanding, they are asking for clarification from NCASEF'S executive team.

The board of directors of the National Coalition of Associations of 7-Eleven Franchisees (NCASEF) may have taken a vote of no confidence in its parent company, 7-Eleven Inc. (SEI), but not all local franchisee associations are ready to take such a stance.

In a letter to NCASEF's chairman and executive offers, roughly a dozen Franchise Owners Associations (FOAs) raised concerns about the actions at recent NCASEF meeting where the coalition took the no confidence vote and made a move to skip 7-Eleven Inc.'s annual meeting, the 2019 7-Eleven Experience (SEE). —Convenience Store News


Different votes are a sign of healthy representation

Thirty-six of forty-four regional 7-Eleven franchisee associations agreed on two tough actions against a franchisor? Wow, that sounds like a MAJOR mandate by franchisees to me — a huge landslide of a vote by its representative bodies.

That mandate by franchise owners is amazing because a vote of no-confidence by their associations can depress new franchise sales and the resale value of these owners' stores. Ouch!! It could also cause the franchisor to retaliate against franchisees. So, it is understandable that some might vote no.

"Cracks" are signs of a muscular democracy at work, particularly when the stakes are high. These disagreements are signals that various views have been weighed and judged by owners.

The voice of franchisees have now been heard. The votes are out, authority given and the die is cast.

It has been learned by sad experience that franchisors often heavy-handedly retaliate by terminating the franchises of association leaders, individuals they deem as agitators of a few disgruntled franchisees. If termination is attempted, it is the responsibility of ALL associations to come together to defend those leaders.

At this point, franchisees all must hang together or else they will most certainly be hanged separately.