Franchise Agreement Negotiation

In part 4 of a series titled Top Ten Provisions to "Never" Negotiate in a Franchise Agreement, advice is given from the franchisor attorney's point of view that is apparently meant at the same time to be illuminating to a franchisee. Before signing your franchise agreement, consult a franchisee attorney who is going to be on your side.

The Fox Rothschild associate team of Megan Center and Alex Radus recently gave a presentation at the International Franchise Expo in New York City on the “Top Ten Provisions to ‘Never’ Negotiate in a Franchise Agreement”.  We have prepared a summary of this presentation in four separate blog posts.  The first post focused on central themes of franchise negotiation, the second post addressed protecting the confidentiality of franchise negotiations, and the third post addressed the first five of our top ten provisions.

This last installment details the second set of our top ten provisions to “never” negotiate.

1)  Changing Marks/Renovations/Upgrades —