Attendance at 2nd McDonald's Franchisee Meeting Triples

McDonald's sign

McDonald's independent franchisee association, the National Owners Association, has heated up fast. Over 400 owners attended the first meeting in Tampa, Florida, just two months ago. The two-day meeting which ends today in Dallas has drawn around 1,300, according to people there.

The chain has 1,700 U.S. franchise owners.

"We (h)ave found our voice, the train is coming," one wrote.

...The agenda for the Dallas meeting includes presentations by an attorney who specializes in franchisee rights; the National Leadership Council, a group within the McDonald's organization that represents franchisees; the National Franchise Consultants & Accountants, a group of independent accounting firms that support McDonald's franchisees; and several franchisees themselves. Topics included vision for the organization, pricing, technology and advertising. —Brigid Sweeney, Crain's Chicago Business