UAE Restaurant Franchise Owner Sours on Global Brands

Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE-based Mansour Bin Jabr says, after establishing a franchise relationship with two international F&B (food and beverage) brands, he will never again invest in a non-UAE-based global franchise. 

Mansour Bin Jabr, founder of Mr Miyagi's, warned against 'ridiculous' franchise fees and mistakes made by international brands who are unfamiliar with the market

The head of a Dubai hospitality firm has warned against paying hefty franchise fees for international brands which are unfamiliar with the market, encouraging the establishment and franchising of homegrown brands instead.

Speaking to Arabian Business, Mansour Bin Jabr, partner at 4-Front Facilities, said global brands are more likely to make mistakes when operating in Dubai, revealing plans to franchise his own local concepts. —Lubna Hamdan, Arabian Business

Photo: Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai, UAE, by Sam Valadi