Chick-fil-A Owner Shares Experience

Chick-fil-A sign

Gus Mir of Tampa Bay, Florida, shares his outlook as a franchisee of Chick-fil-A, a result of long experience starting back in 1981 when he took a job with the local outlet at the age of 15. Gus is in the Chick-fil-A minority in that he has two franchise locations. Most Chick-fil-A franchisees, encouraged to do so by the franchisor, concentrate on just one.

Gus is interviewed by Tampa Bay television host Josh Benson:

Josh: Is Chick-fil-A downright owning the fast food industry right now?

Gus: Well, we've experienced really unprecedented growth for our company. The cornerstones are just a great restaurant experience, great quality, served by great people.

Josh: When you see people wrapped around the building and for someone who's never been there, they think, "Naw, I'm not going to wait." But you can get them through pretty quickly. 

Gus: We do. And think about it, we're serving about 140 guests in the drive-thru in one of our peak hours. That's a car at the window every 24 seconds. Somewhere in there. —Josh Benson, News Channel 8 (Tampa)