Applebee's Mega Franchisee Rethinking Delivery

Applebee's night exterior

Adding delivery service has been a recent major change in the restaurant business, but Applebee’s biggest franchisee, with over 400 locations, is reconsidering just how good it really is for business, not only now but going forward. Is it possible that it could be a major negative in the years to come,  much as the online booking services have turned out to be for hotels?

Flynn Restaurant Group, Applebee’s largest operator, is testing going without the service in a trio of large markets. And the results thus far have been surprising: almost no pushback, and in-restaurant sales increased in those markets.

“So far, we’re seeing our dine-in and carside-to-go business rise faster in the markets where we canceled delivery than in markets where we still maintain it,” said Greg Flynn, the company’s CEO and chairman. —Jonathan Maze, Restaurant Business