83% of Small Biz Owners Seek Tech Advice from Their Accountant

Accountant at work

According to results of a survey of over 400 North American firms, 83 percent of small business owners ask their accountant for technical advice.

Small Business Trends contacted Andy North at AccountingWeb to learn more. North put the survey together with Zoho. And he started by talking about the kinds of technology accountants most often answer questions about. First, 62% answer questions on desktop accounting software. And 46% answer questions on software training. While 46% answer questions on support services. And 57% answer questions on data security.

North filled in some detail on these numbers.

“By far the most common (according to the survey) is desktop accounting software along with related third party apps and integration. That’s followed closely by the same for cloud software,” he wrote. “Software training and overall needs analysis was also a common area in which businesses sought advice.” —Rob Starr, Small Business Trends

Image by rawpixel from pixabay